Agenda Update! Also C37D Presentation

An update to the Spring 2018 agenda has been posted here, to accommodate moving C31D to Monday Afternoon.

Also, Discussion Group C37D on Submarine Cables would like to announce one of their presentations:

Design, testing and installation of Beatrice OFW XLPE cable system
The 245 kV XLPE cables for Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm is used to export the power generated by the wind farm to an onshore substation located at Blackhillock in the northern Scotland. At the Blackhillock substation the power from the 84 wind generators is injected into the nation grid transmission system. Total power from the wind farm is 588 MW. The route length of the 245 kV each export cable is 90 km. Approx 70 km of submarine cables and 20 km of land cable.
Special focus on;

  • Testing, with HV AC in the factory of each joint and complete 35 km delivery lengths.
  • Offshore joints.
  • HDD in landfall in protected zone at coast of Scotland.
  • Removal of Un Exploded Ordonnance along submarine route.
  • Several HDD crossings on land cable (20 km route).
  • Rock dumping and trenching of submarine cable.
  • Burial at shallow waters.
  • Large crossection three core cable (1600 mm2).

Presented by Geir Clasen, Discipline Manager High Voltage Testing, Nexans Norway

C37D will be meeting on Monday, May 7, 2018, from 2:00 PM to 3:15 PM.