Working Group C11W – Submarine Cables

Working Group C11W will be meeting Tuesday, October 22, from 10:15 AM to 12:00 PM. There meeting will include the following presentation:

Update on Cigre Working Group B1.65, Installation of submarine cables

An update of the status from the Cigre B1.65 is given.
The use of submarine cables is becoming more and more widespread. A need is seen for common guidelines concerning installation of submarine cables that will ensure that all central parties handling submarine cables have the same basis. Examples of parties are utilities, installers, manufacturers and involved consultants. On this basis it was decided late 2018 in the Cigre B1 study committee to start a working group with the aim to write a Technical Brochure concerning installation of submarine cables covering a wide range of aspect throughout the lifetime of a submarine cable installation from early studies to removing the submarine cables after the service life. The cables covered by the WG will be power cables in the range of 30 kV to 500 kV (or even above) for both AC and DC application with various insulation systems. However, the aspects covered would even be relevant for lower voltages as well. The working group includes member from around the world, each representing their own country and not their affiliation.