Cancellation of Spring 2021 Meeting

As we all know and experienced in our daily life, the COVID-19 global pandemic has continued to affect various meetings and events. The Spring and Fall 2020 meetings were already cancelled due to COVID-19, and we again have to make the difficult choice to cancel the Spring 2021 meeting due to the ongoing pandemic. Our meeting had been scheduled for Denver, Colorado, but the restrictions set by the Health Authorities do not allow large gatherings. For the safety of our group, this is the best path forward.

Our current plan is to return to Denver in Spring 2023.

Hopefully the situation will improve in the coming month as a result of the vaccination, so we hope to hold our next (147th) meeting in October 2021. Due to the uncertainty of the current situation we haven’t booked a hotel yet, nor fixed the dates, but we will keep you informed.

Despite not having an in-person meeting, working groups are encouraged to keep meeting (web, teleconference, etc) and making progress on standards development, especially with respect to standards with expiring PARs.

Interest in an Online Session?

In the near future, we will distribute a survey to evaluate if there is interest in holding an online session this spring where presentations can be given, either “live” or as prerecorded sessions.

We appreciate everyone’s patience during these difficult times and hope that you are remaining safe and healthy.