Spring 2021 E-Session, April 19,2021

Hello ICC Members and Guests;
As was recently announced, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to cancel the Spring 2021 meeting in Denver. We are planning to return to Denver for the Spring 2023 meeting.

However, to help us reconnect, the Insulated Conductors Committee is planning an informational session where we will communicate the latest news about the Insulated Conductors Committee including details about personnel, awards, future meetings, and reports from each of the subcommittees. A tentative outline for the session is as follows:
ICC SPRING 2021 E-Session Agenda 21-April-2021
▪ Opening Remarks
▪ Introduction to ICC Personnel and Recent Changes
▪ Awards
▪ Update on Policies and Procedures
▪ Future Meetings
▪ Subcommittee Reports (Sub A, B, C, D, F, G)
▪ Questions & Answers (via chat)
▪ Closing Remarks

This session of the ICC is being provided free of charge (no registration fee). The web session will be held on Wednesday, 21-April-2021 for 10:00am-12:00pmET

I hope you will be able to participate in the meeting. Please share this message with others and encourage your associates to sign up for future communications at the ICC website [Link Here].
As the worldwide pandemic situation seems to be improving and vaccines are becoming more widely available, we are planning to hold an in-person Fall 2021 meeting where we hope to return to a favorable location. Further details will be communicated during the E-Session.

I look forward to visiting with you during the ICC E-Session where we will attempt to also address questions using the chat function of the web meeting.
Henk Geene
Chair (2020-2021)
IEEE PES Insulated Conductors Committee