In addition to the previously announced presentations by David Lindsay and Manfred Bawart, Discussion Group C37 on Submarine Cables will have a presentation by Riccardo Bodega titled:

Experience with seismic qualification of (E)HV cable accessories: design and modelling, mechanical performance and seismic testing

IEEE 693 provides a comprehensive set of recommended practices for seismic design of equipment, including qualification. The presentation focuses on the seismic qualification of accessories for (Extra) High-Voltage (E)HV cable systems. These include outdoor terminations – which operate outdoor and which are installed with an elevation from the soil – and also terminations for switchgear and/or transformers. Joints are less commonly included within the scope of seismic qualification, due to their installation underground and due to the fact that their main body is commonly made in rubber material. However an example of seismic qualification for the main barrier insulator of an HPFF-XLPE transition joint is discussed. Practical matters as well as design and modelling aspects are addressed in the presentation. Last, but not least, the importance of a complete documentation and of a correct test plan is highlighted.