Tuesday, October 31, 2023  –  10:15am – 12:00noon

  1. Welcome  – Harry Orton
  2. Update on Cigre Study Committee B1 Insulated Cables
    including Cigre Symposium in Cairns, Australia
    Cigre SC B1 Questionnaire for new work items
    Geir Clasen, Chair Cigre SC B1
  3. Update on Cigre US National Committee and
    US SC B1
    Rusty Bascom, USNC Representative to SC B1
  4. Summary of Jicable ’23 Conference in Lyon, France
    Rusty Bascom, USNC Representative to SC B1 and
    Vice-Chair of Jicable ’23 ISTC
  5. Summary and discussion of                                                   
    Cigre Technical Brochure 797
    Sheath bonding systems of AC transmission cables – Design, testing, and maintenance
    Tom Zhao, Cigre WG B1.50 convener
  6. Discussion and Closure