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Fall Agenda Update

The agenda for the Fall 2018 meeting has been updated here.  (9/27/2018)  Please keep checking back to the Fall 2018 Meeting Page for more updates.

Fall Presentations, T-Shirt Reveal

Presentations for the Fall 2018 ICC-PES Meeting have been uploaded for Sub A, Sub C and Sub F today.  Click here to learn more.
ICC Chair Rusty Baascom has also posted a new picture of the T-shirt that is available during registration, revealing a little bit more of what it will look like!  Go to the Fall 2018 []

Educational Program – Medium Voltage Cable Manufacturing Fundamentals

The theme of the Fall 2018 Education Program will be:
Medium Voltage Cable Manufacturing Fundamentals
An outline of the program is posted here, and will be updated with presenter details closer to the meeting.

Fall 2018 Agenda Update

An update has been made to the draft agenda for the fall meeting.  Please keep checking back for more updates.

Fall 2018 Meeting Agenda

A number of updates have been posted to the Fall 2018 Meeting page, include a first draft agenda.
Notice that there are a number of exciting activities planned, including a “5kΩ Fun Run” with proceeds to go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation on Sunday, and as part of the Spouses program on Monday a tour []

Pictures from Spring 2018

Thanks to ICC Photographer Tom Champion, we have a number of pictures of the Spring meeting in Tuscon!  These will be found on the ICC Instagram Account, as well as appearing on the Spring 2018 PES-ICC Meeting page.  We will try to post a couple a day, so please check back periodically, or follow us on Instagram!

Primo Restaurant open late for Spring Meeting

The J.W. Marriott Starr Pass will keep their Primo restaurant open for ICC attendees on Monday, 9-May-2018.
This restaurant is conveniently located within the hotel rather than traveling into downtown Tucson.  Reservations may be made at +1-570-791-6071.
A menu is available here:“.

Submarine Cable C37D Presentations

In addition to the previously announced presentation “Design, testing and installation of Beatrice OFW XLPE cable system”, Discussion Group C37 will have a second presentation:  “NEMO Link – Installation of World First 400kV DC XLPE Cable Link” by SHOJI MASHIO
NEMO link is being installed between UK and Belgium for 141km (88 miles) route length.
Since this is []

Table-Top Vendor Shipping Notice

Table-Top Vendors, the hotel has provided the following details for shipment of any materials you may need to send to JW Marriott.  Please remember that any and all costs associated with shipping/receiving of your packages is your responsibility.  If you have questions about these charges, please contact The UPS Store onsite at (520) 791-6200.
Shipping Address:
Attn: []

Agenda Update! Also C37D Presentation

An update to the Spring 2018 agenda has been posted here, to accommodate moving C31D to Monday Afternoon.
Also, Discussion Group C37D on Submarine Cables would like to announce one of their presentations:
Design, testing and installation of Beatrice OFW XLPE cable system
The 245 kV XLPE cables for Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm is used to export the []