Guidelines, Rules and Regulations

ICC Membership

The ICC IEEE-SA Approved Policy and Procedures for Standards Development (Updated November 7, 2019)

Guidance for Technical Subcommittees and Working Groups

  • IEEE/PES/ICC Working Group Policies & Procedures (Updated 04-07-2021)
    The IEEE/PES/ICC Working Group Operating Procedures were developed exclusively for PES Technical Committees and complies with all the requirements of the Standards Board baseline document.  These procedures should guide all activities within working groups of the ICC.  Any questions should be directed to the Working Group Chair/Secretary (formerly Vice Chair), or the Subcommittee Chair/Vice Chair.
    presentation outlining the previous version of the policies and procedures given at the fall 2014 meeting is posted here.  An updated presentation will be uploaded when it is available.
  • ICC Subcommittee Duties and Responsibilities (34 kB pdf file)
  • Robert’s Rules of Order and IEEE Standard (Presentation given at Fall 2014 Meeting)
  • IEEE guidance for WG Chairmen on patent issues for ongoing use by WG Chairmen, Powerpoint, or pdf file (The Patent Slides)