Commercialism at ICC Meetings

The following guidelines concerning commercialism will be enforced at all ICC meetings.  Guidelines are listed along with their source.

IEEE Policies and Procedures

  • Unduly commercial material should be avoided
  • Commercial material requiring careful attention, for example, are “company profiles” and/or “industrial biographies”

IEEE/PES Technical Council

  • Discourage commercial activities (sales of equipment or services) immediately prior to, during and through the completion of Technical Committee meetings.
  • Special events where all are invited, such as field trips, factory tours, displays and demonstrations, or tutorials may be scheduled with prior approval of Administrative Subcommittee.

Insulated Conductors Committee

  • No commercial displays, including signs, posters, etc. Should be displayed on the meeting premises for commercial advertising purposes.
  • Large group-oriented product presentations or displays of commercial equipment are not allowed.
  • Overt commercialism is not allowed in technical presentations.
  • Company name and/or logo should be limited to first slide/page of technical presentation or handout.
  • Subcommittee/Working Group Chairmen are responsible for enforcement of policy.

The linked quiz/presentation was given at the Fall 2010 Meeting, to help make these points more clear as they relate to preparing presentations.  Everyone, presenters especially, are encouraged to review this presentation.

Guidelines for Presentation Material Published in PES – ICC Minutes

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions and their answers about presentations can be found at this link.