FAQ #1 – Can our company give a presentation in which we describe equipment and/or procedures that our company has developed in order to show what our engineering group can do or has done?

Answer – This sounds like an advertisement for a company and its capabilities, particularly when one says “what our engineering group can do.”  Therefore, it would be inappropriate.  If the presenter wants to provide a technical presentation that describes the processes that have been developed, how the processes work, the advantages and disadvantages of the process, and the results from using the process (no trade names, no comparison to competitor’s products or processes), that might be acceptable.  This must be strictly engineering, and not a sales pitch.

FAQ #2 – Can our company give a presentation on a new product we’ve developed?

Answer – ICC frequently lets vendors show new products, as long as the vendor describes its function and benefits without comparing it to competitor’s products by name.  New technology is something we want to pass along to our membership as “state of the art” information.  But it must be done from an “engineering” perspective rather than a “sales” perspective.  In this case, the presenter describes the function of the product and how it could be used in a utility situation without saying that the product was available through his company and without mentioning trade names.  This must be strictly engineering, and not a sales pitch.
To expand, it’s okay that Company X says they have a new product, but it’s only okay to mention “Company X” on the first or second slide and that’s it.
It’s okay that Company X shows the test results behind the new product, and even compares their product X to products A, B, and C, so long as they use those identifiers: X, A, B, and C.  It’s not okay for Company X to refer to the trademarked item’s actual name anywhere in the presentation (e.g., “SuperDuper© Insulation”).  And it’s definitely not okay to reveal the brand names of products A, B, and C.  In this example, it is only okay to say “the new insulation, herein identified as ‘X’”.

FAQ #3 – When do presentations for ICC need to be submitted?

Answer – Anyone interested in making a presentation at ICC should write a brief abstract and submit it to the Subcommittee, Working Group (WG), or Discussion Group (DG) Chair for consideration at least 6 weeks prior to the meeting.  If you are unsure which Chair to submit the abstract to, then submit the abstract to the ICC Chair for proper dissemination.  If the Subcommittee, WG, or DG Chair approves the abstract, an advance copy of the presentation needs to be submitted to the Chair at least 4 weeks prior to the meeting in order to leave time for a review cycle.
In general, if the topic is considered acceptable, presentations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  So the sooner an abstract and presentation are submitted, the better.

FAQ #4 – Is it okay to have logos from Standards Organizations or any other firm in my presentation?

Answer – No.  Any company name is only permitted on the first slide, or the second slide if it has the team listed.  This even holds true for not-for-profit firms and universities, for example.