PES-ICC – Etiquette Rules for Vendors & Other Entities

      1. Scope
        The intent of these rules is to ensure that the Insulated Conductors Committee (“ICC”) conducts its meetings with a high level of professionalism. While vendor participation is encouraged and welcomed, these required rules are meant to emphasize the technical and professional aspects of the meetings, ensure fairness to all participants, and to prevent any conflicts with the ICC meetings.
      2. Promotions, Promotional Material and Correspondence
        • Web sites, postal mail and e-mails (including “e-blasts”) that purport to purport to announce the mere attendance of individuals and/or organizations at an ICC meeting are acceptable.  However, such announcements shall be limited to either simply indicating individual and/or organization attendance at the ICC meeting(s) and/or listing a summary of specific involvement with the meeting such as “presentation of material relating to XYZ”, “chair of discussion group XYZ” or “see us in the Table Tops Exhibit area”.
        • Under no circumstances shall an individual or company suggest or imply that such individual or organization is endorsed by, have a commercial relationship with, or have been chartered with specific actions on the behalf of the IEEE, Power & Energy Society or the ICC.
        • In all cases, the use of the ICC logos or other trademarks is strictly prohibited in web sites, e-mail communications and promotional material (i.e., brochures and signage), and the like.
      3. Technical or Commercial Presentations that Fall Outside the Scope of the ICC’s Published Agenda
        • The IEEE Insulated Conductors Committee (ICC) is scheduled and organized strictly for the purpose of the business and economic interests of the ICC.  Accordingly, all vendors, contractors, companies and/or other entities possessing a technical and/or commercial interests, whether such interests are direct or implied, in the activities of the ICC are strictly predluced and prohibited from scheduling any events that compete (hereinafter referred to as “Competing Events”) with the ICC’s scheduled events and meeting hours, as indicated by the ICC’s published agenda. 
        • Generally, the ICC meetings are scheduled to run from 12:00pm (noon) on Sunday through 5:00pm on Wednesday.  More specifically, “Competing Events are explicitly prohibited during the following hours of ICC meetings (all times local time zone to the ICC meeting venue):
          • 12noon-7pm on Sunday
          • 7am-5:30pm on Monday
          • 7am-5:30pm on Tuesday
          • 7am-5:00pm on Wednesday
        • ICC Hotel Contract: At all times, vendors, contractors, companies, firms, individuals and/or other entities are exclusively and solely responsible for their own expenses, vendor-related agreements, and/or related activities.  Vendors, contractors, firms and/or any other entities shall not utilize or attempt to utilize the resources of the ICC, use or attempt to use any commercial agreements the ICC has reached with hotels and/or audio/visual contractors, charge expenses to any ICC accounts, or utilize or attempt to utilize the ICC’s tax-exemption status.
      4. Hospitality Rooms and Vendor Entertainment
        • Any manufacturer who chooses to have a hospitality suite is exclusively and solely responsible for obtaining and paying for such suite if using the ICC venue.  If using the ICC’s negotiated room rate for the hospitality suite(s), vendor or other entity personnel must also be registered for the ICC meeting to obtain the negotiated room cost.
        • Vendor hospitality rooms are meant to be used to provide entertainment to customers, make and renew acquaintances, and to provide an area for commercial-related discussions on individualized basis when appropriate.
        • At least one-half hour before ICC affairs, vendors should close their hospitality rooms to guests, including those present. The rooms should not reopen until such affairs are closed.
        • Vendors should not receive guests to hospitality rooms during times of ICC scheduled functions; hospitality rooms shall not be used to create a “competing event”.
        • An attempt should be made to close all hospitality rooms by a reasonable hour so as not to interfere with the following day’s program.
        • Hospitality room(s) shall be scheduled in such a manner as to not be construed as “Competing Events” as defined above.  Vendor group affairs, such as organized meals and user group meetings, or any vendor-sponsored group of more than ten registered attendees (not including the host company), are not permitted during ICC scheduled activities and must be scheduled for the evenings or alternate times.
      5. Commercial Advertising and Conduct, including Table Top Exhibits
        • No commercial displays, including signs, posters, etc., should be displayed on the meeting premises for commercial advertising purposes with the exception of the Table Top Exhibit area for which the vendor must be registered.
        • All vendor personnel participating in the vendor’s Table Top Exhibit shall be registered as attendees of the meeting.  Vendor personnel only present for interaction in the vendor’s hospitality room and not attending any of the ICC meeting areas or Table Top Exhibit area do not need to be registered for the meeting.  However, they will also not be permitted to utilize negotiated sleeping room rates unless registered for the ICC meeting.
        • The “Table Top Exhibit” area is often limited in space and is frequently subject to a waiting list. Accordingly, and in the interests of fairness and in an effort to support opportunities for as much vendor participation as possible, only one (1) “Table Top Exhibit” shall be permitted per vendor or affiliated group.