Several of our peers have been recognized by the IEEE for their contribution to the industry through their elevation to the rank of Fellow of the IEEE. This is no small accomplishment! It is with pleasure that the ICC recognizes these individuals as leaders in various aspects of cable engineering.

The Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) highest grade of Fellow recognizes excellence for notable achievements in power engineering and industrial applications. The Fellow grade is conferred upon people of outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in the various fields of the IEEE for their important individual contributions to one or more technical fields. In accordance with IEEE bylaws, the total number of Fellows selected in any one year does not exceed one-tenth of one percent of the total membership of over 300,000 people. The selection to Fellow requires the endorsement of five Fellows, a Technical Committee, and the Board of Fellows of an IEEE Society as well as the IEEE Board of Directors.

Ray Bartnikas – 1977
For contributions to the field of dielectric and corona loss mechanisms in electrical insulating systems.
Bruce S. Bernstein – 1992
For pioneering research leading to the understanding of the aging phenomena of extruded-dielectric high-voltage power cables.
Glen John Bertini – 2009
For applications to the dielectric performance of underground electrical power cable
Steven A. Boggs – 1992
For contributions to the understanding of the dielectric behavior of SF6 gas-insulated substations.
Ken Bow – 2003
For contributions to the development of polymer compounds, coated metal shielding, and laminate sheaths for wire and cable applications.
William Z. Black -1996
For developing thermal management technology for optimum use of transmission and distribution components in electric energy systems.
Kent Brown -2014
For leadership in standards development for design, testing, and utilization of electrical equipment for the nuclear power industry.
Norm Burns – 2000
For technical leadership in the development and commercialization of supersmooth cable semiconducting shields.
John H. Cooper – 1997
For contributions to test facilities, test programs, and analytical procedures necessary to provide a basic understanding of aging characteristics for full-size transmission cable systems.
James Daly – 1994
For contributions to the application of electrical wire and cable, and leadership in electromechanical standards development.
John Densley – 1987
For contributions to the understanding of aging and breakdown processes in high-voltage polymeric cable insulation.
H. C. “Tony” Doepken, Jr. – 1997
For contributions to the development of compressed-gas-insulated cable.
George S. Eager, Jr. – 1975
For development of an industry-accepted method of corona detection in extruded dielectric power cables.
Robert Eichhorn – 1987
For developing a “Characteristic Voltage Test” to determine the electrical tree initiation resistance of organic insulating compounds.
John S. Engelhardt – 2004
For leadership in the development of transmission class cable systems.
Dr. Abdol Reza Ghafurian – 2003
For leadership in the mitigation of the environmental impact of fluid-filled transmission cables.
Edward Gulski – 2010
 “For application of partial discharges to diagnosis of high voltage components.”
Rick Hartlein  – 2010
For contributions to standards and analytical techniques for underground power cable systems.
Carlos Katz – 1987
For development of methods to extend the useful life of extruded-dielectric high-voltage cables.
Matt S. Mashikian – 1993
For contributions to the understanding, diagnosis, and mitigation of premature failure of extruded dielectric cables.
Bruce McClung – 1990
For leadership the development of improved electrical insulation’s and their impact on safety and reliability of electrical conductors and equipment
Ed McIlveen – 1983
For contributions to electric power cable design and testing.
James A. Moran, Jr. – 1996
For contributions to underground cable technology by reducing to practice advanced design concepts and establishing a major industry test facility.
Serge Pelissou – 2013
For contributions to characterization of extruded cables and components in their life cycle.
Peter Reynolds – 1985
For leadership in developing measurement techniques for insulation.
Hugh St.-Onge – 1988
For contributions to the understanding of insulating materials and systems, and for leadership in cable insulation research.
Ralph Samm – 1993
For leadership in the application of advanced design and installation technologies to underground electric transmission cable systems.
David A. Silver – 1986
For contributions to the development of high-voltage extruded electric cables.
Nagu Srinivas – 2007
For contributions to assessment of vulnerability of aged extruded dielectric power cables by direct current testing
John Tanaka – 1991
For contributions to the understanding of the fundamental of aging of electrical insulation systems.
William A. Thue – 1992
For contributions to improved underground power cable systems and standards.
C. F. von Hermann – 1992
For contributions to the development, manufacture, and application of direct current testing and measurement apparatus.
Daniel Ward – 2004
For contributions to electric power distribution systems.
Roland Watkins – 2007
For leadership in development of category system for globally classifying performance of data cable
Arthur C. Westrom – 1991
For contributions to the development and application of distribution protective equipment.
Jay Williams – 2004
For contributions to underground transmission system design and utilization.