Join ICC

The ICC welcomes new attendees and guests, and membership in the ICC is not necessary to attend ICC or IEEE PES related events or to take advantage of and shape ICC’s body of knowledge, including standards, guides or other services.  There are however benefits and advantages to membership in the ICC.

Members may participate in all Working Group, Subcommittee, and Committee activities, and should vote in all participating Working Group and Subcommittee ballots.

Membership Requirements

1. ICC Members Must:

  • Be a member of IEEE.
  • Be a member of the Power & Energy Society.
  • Be a member of the IEEE Standards Association.
  • Be approved by the ICC Chair.
  • Have attended at least two (2) of the last four (4) ICC Meetings as a Guest.
  • Submit the Membership Application, available in MS-Word and PDF formats, to the ICC Chair.

Completed forms should be emailed to Yingli Wen at

For further information, contact:

ICC Membership Secretary

Bill Taylor
605 Oaklands Drive
Round Rock, TX 78681