Online Registration for the Spring 2024 meeting will open on Thursday, March 25 at 8AM EST and will close on Friday, May at 5PM EST.

Advance payment is required to get the advance registration rate.  Advance payment can be made by Credit Card through the registration system, or by mailing a check to the Membership Secretary.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Notice – Beginning 25-May-2018, the European Union has implemented a new regulation that addresses the privacy of and security of personal information, such as the information collected to register for a conference or meeting; this is referred to as the GDPR [link to the following:].  As a global organization, the IEEE is seeking to be compliant worldwide, and this affects the information collected by the IEEE Insulated Conductors Committee.  Note that the ICC never distributes a mailing list to third parties except as included in the minutes of the meeting in a directory.

Beginning with the Fall 2018 meeting, meeting registrants must make a designation on how the ICC can use the data you provide when registering for a meeting.  There will be three choices:

1) Keep me on the ICC mailing list and include my information in the directory published with the minutes including contact details.  This option will allow the ICC to contact you about future meetings and other relevant announcements.

2) Keep me on the ICC mailing list but do not include my information in the ICC minutes.  This option will allow the ICC to contact you about future meetings and relevant announcements.

3) Delete all of my data after this meeting and do not contact me in the future.  For the purposes of the upcoming meeting, we will retain your information long enough to contact you about the availability of the minutes.  However, once the final minutes are published, you will not be further contacted by the ICC about future meetings.

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