The Insulated Conductors Committee’s mission is to continuously improve the fundamental technological understanding, practical application, and safe use of conductors having applied insulation or coverings.


This mission is achieved by active participation in the following activities:

  • development, review, and publication of IEEE technical standards and guides;
  • development and support of educational services;
  • exchange of information with other members and guests at ICC functions. The ICC Scope statement provides a more detailed explanation of the technical topics addressed by these activities.


The Insulated Conductors Committee (ICC) is a professional organization within the Power Engineering Society (PES) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

The strength of ICC is the wide range of expertise and vast collective technical knowledge available from the active participation of volunteer members and guests that include end users, sellers, manufacturers, researchers, educators, and others.


The growth and continued usefulness of the ICC depends on the quality and usefulness of ICC activities. In order that these activities provide high quality and useful results, the following precepts have been established:

  • ICC efforts shall be focused on activities which are carefully selected for technical merit, practical use, and fit within the scope of the ICC.
  • ICC technical standards and guides shall be
    1. performance based;
    2. continuously reviewed and updated;
    3. developed and disseminated with the purpose of benefiting industry and society as a whole, not as a service to individual commercial interests.
  • ICC serves as the source of insulated conductors technical expertise within IEEE and shall coordinate development and publication of all IEEE technical documents that include technical matter relating to insulated conductors.
  • The educational services shall be up to date and have broad appeal.
  • The technical meetings and functions shall be well organized and conducted in an open manner conducive to free flow of ideas and development of actions.
  • ICC is committed to the globalization of the IEEE as a whole and shall communicate and coordinate the efforts of ICC with other international organizations that develop and publish technical documents regarding insulated conductors.

The Scope of PES-ICC Activities

Treatment of all matters in which the dominant factors are the design, manufacture, installation, operation, testing and maintenance of conductors, including fiber cores, having applied insulation or covering and their required materials, accessories and structures used in the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electric energy.

Included is the treatment of conductors, insulations, shields or screens, sheaths and coverings, accessories, structures, tests and measurements and other components for insulated conductor application. Insulations which are an integral part of machinery, such as magnet wire are excluded.

Also includes treatment of the insulated conductors and facilities required for cable systems at the power generating station, substation, transmission, distribution and utilization levels, and cable and cable systems for special purposes or applications, including all cables identified in the National Electrical Code and associated documents but not excluding international standards, as necessary to further the proper development of products specified in the first paragraph.

Joint or coordinated treatment of certain subjects or applications as it relates to insulated conductors may be required when the subject or application is covered by another Society or Committee having a particular scientific interest or a specific emphasis on particular materials or requirements of the application.

First Issued: May 1995

Prepared by: ICC AdComm