Lauri Hiivala

ICC Chair (1994-1995)

2000 ICC Distinguished Service Award


Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto in 1965.


After graduation, he held various positions with Nexans Canada in Toronto, involving the design and development of power cables and accessories from 300 V to 500 kV. Prior to retirement, he was the Director of Application Engineering, Energy Networks Business Group


  1. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE
    • Life Senior Member
    • Member, Standards Association (SA)
    • Member, Power & Energy Society (PES)
    • Past Chairman, Insulated Conductors Committee (ICC)
    • Member, Cable Construction and Design, Cable Systems and Administrative Subcommittees
    • ICC Awards Chairman
  2. Insulated Cable Engineers Association, ICEA –
    • Past President
    • Past Chairman, Liaison Group 690 Utility Power Cable Standards Technical Advisory Committee (UPCSTAC)
    • Honorary Member
  3. International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC
    • Member, Canadian Subcommittee IEC Technical Committee TC 20 Electric Cables
    • Canadian Specialist, IEC Technical Committee 20 Working Group 16 High voltage cables (1 kV and above), their accessories and cable systems
    • Member, Canadian Subcommittee IEC Technical Committee 7 Overhead electrical conductors
  4. Canadian Standards Association, CSA
    • Chairman, Subcommittee on Shielded & Concentric Neutral Cable
    • Member, Technical Committee on Underground Systems
    • Member, Technical Committee on Overhead Electrical Conductors
    • Member, Subcommittee on Secondary Power Cables