Subcommittee B – Accessories


All issues related to cable terminations and joints

Mission Statement:

The Accessories Subcommittee’s mission is to continuously improve the fundamental technological understanding, practical application, and safe use of accessories on conductors having applied insulation or coverings. Support the Activities, Participants and Precepts of the Insulated Conductors Committee


Discussion / Working Groups:

B1W – Revision of IEEE 48 – Cable Termination Standard (P48)
Chair: Bill Taylor, 3M, Austin, TX
Secretary: Aaron Norris, BC Hydro,
Revision of IEEE 48 Standard Test Procedures and Requirements for High-Voltage Alternating Current Cable Terminations Rated 2.5 kV through 765 kV.

B2W – Reaffirmation of IEEE 404 – Cable Joint Standard (Inactive) (P404)
Chair: Jeff Madden,Richards Manufacturing,
Secretary: Ivan Jovanovic, Kuvag Group,
Revision of IEEE Std. 404 Standard for Cable Joints for use with Extruded and Laminated Dielectric Shielded Cable Systems Rated 2,500-500,000 Volts.

B3W – Revision of IEEE 592 – Exposed Semi-Conducting Shields Test Standard (P592)
Chair: Sherif Kamel, Southwire,
Secretary: Bill Taylor, 3M, Austin, TX
Revision of IEEE 592 Standard for Exposed Semiconducting Shields on High-Voltage Joints and Separable Insulated Connectors.

B4D – IEEE 1026 – Compatibility of Compounds with Cable Accessories and Semi Conducting Shield Systems (Inactive)
Chair: Vacant
Vice Chair: Vacant
IEEE 1026-95 is a guide for test method and specification to qualify various materials either liquid or solid for use on polymeric conducting shields of cables.

B5W – IEEE 1300 – Guide for Connecting Gas-Insulated (GIS) to Cables (P1300)
Chair: Frank Frentzas, Exelon/ComEd, 
Secretary: Kate Thompson, G&W Electric,
IEEE 1300-96 Guide for Cable Connections for Gas Insulated Substations

B6W – IEEE 1299 – Guide for the Connection of Surge Arresters to Protect Insulated Shielded Cable Systems (C62.22.1)
Chair: Ben Lanz,
Secretary: Bas van Besouw, Hubble Power Systems,
IEEE C62.22.1 is a guide covering suggested surge arrested installation methods at cable terminal poles in order to minimize the total discharge voltage on medium-voltage distribution cables.

B7D – Suggested Revisions to IEEE 386 – Separable Connectors Standard (Inactive)
Chair: Senthil Kumar, TE Connectivity,
Vice Chair: Richie Harp, Oncor Electric Delivery,
Review and comment on IEEE 386 Standard for Separable Insulated Connectors for Power Distribution Systems Above 600 V.

B8W – Standards for Copper and Aluminum Insulated Cable Connectors (P1659)
Chair: Mike Walker, Tyco Electronics,
Secretary: Glenn Luzzi, Richards Mfg Co,
Revision of Standard for Solder-Sweated Split Tinned Connectors and reviewing ANSI C119.1 Underground Connector Standard for comments.

B9W – Guide for the Evaluation of Solvents Used for Cleaning Electrical Cables and Accessories (P1493)
Chair: Tom Fredericks, American Polywater, 
Secretary: Jason Fosse, Southern California Edison,
This guide presents evaluation categories, test methods and acceptance criteria to evaluate chemicals used to clean electrical cables and accessories.

B10W – Guide to Select Terminations for Shielded Power Cables Rated 5-46 kV (P1637)
Chair: Bill Taylor, 3M,
Secretary: Ankur Gupta, PowerServices, Inc.,
This guide will provide the end user the information necessary for the selection of terminations for extruded and laminated insulated shielded power cables rated 5-46 kV.

B11D – Weathering of Polymeric Accessories (Inactive)
Chair: Wolfgang Haverkamp, Tyco,
Vice Chair: Sherif Kamel, Southwire,
Develop a Trial Guide for Accelerated Weathering of Polymeric Terminations.

B12 / A18W – Working Group Supporting Investigation and Analysis of Failures Cable Systems
P1511.2: Guide for Investigating and Analyzing Failures of Joints on Extruded Shielded Power Cables on Systems Rated 5 kV Through 46 kV
P1511 – Guide for Investigating and Analyzing Power Cable, Joint, and Termination Failures on Systems Rated 5 kV Through 46 kV
P1511.1 – Guide for Investigating and Analyzing Failures of Joints on Extruded Shielded Power Cables on Systems Rated 5 kV Through 46 kV
Chair: Kraig Bader, City of Fort Collins Utilities,
Secretary: Brian Ayres, TE Connectivity,
To develop a general overview and suggested working procedures to investigate and analyze cable and accessory failures on systems rated 5 kV through 46 kV

B13D  Analysis and Solution to Problems with Insulated Cable Accessories (Inactive)
Chair: Vacant
Vice Chair: Vacant
Discussions group that reports on methods of solving problems encounter with any type of cable accessory products. The Group recommends projects for new guides and standards to the Accessories Subcommittee Chairman based on problems reported.

B14D  Design, Application and Operating Problems Relating to Fault Indicator Systems (Inactive)
Chair: Vacant
Vice Chair: Vacant
Discussion group on design, application and operating problems on fault circuit indicator devices and systems. Provide input to T&D Committee writing an application guide.

B15 now F10  Diagnostic Testing for Cable Joints & Terminations
Moved to Subcommittee F

B16W  Revision of IEEE 386-95 – Standard for Separable Insulated Connector Systems for Power Distribution Systems Above 600V (P386)
Chair: David Hughes, Cooper Power Systems,
Secretary: Rick Allen, Avangrid,
Revision of IEEE 386-95 Std for Separable Insulated Connectors System for Power Distribution Systems above 600 V

B17W  Guide for Application of Underground Fault Current Indicators (P1216)
Chair: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant
P495, P1216, and P1610 Guides for the Application of Fault Circuit Indicators

B18W  IEEE 1215 – Application Guide for Separable Connectors (P1215)
Chair: Stan Szyszko, Thomas & Betts ,
Secretary: Mike Smalley, We Energies,
IEEE-1215 Application guide for Separable Connectors

B19D  Cable Preparation Techniques for Installation of Cable Accessories
Chair: David Crotty, Hubbell Power System,
Vice Chair: Mike Smalley, We Energies,
Preparation of a guide for the proper preparation of cable to accept the installation of cable accessories such as terminations, joints, and separable connectors.

B20D – Impact of Filled Strand Conductor on Cable Accessories (Inactive)
Chair: Bill Taylor, 3M,
Vice Chair: Vacant
Discussion to determine the impact of filled strand conductors on the installation and operation of cable accessories, such as terminations, joints, and separable connectors. The group may make recommendations to other working groups

B21D – Application Guide for Cable Joints 
Chair: Tom Campbell, Consolidated Edison,
Vice Chair: Frank McGovern, MAC Products,

B22D – Distribution Cable Joints and Terminations Discussion Group
Chair: Jeff Madden, Richards Manufacturing,
Vice Chair: Aaron Norris, BC Hydro,
Discussion on the development of a new standard to establish electrical ratings, test procedures and requirements for joints and live front terminations installed on extruded or laminated dielectric shielded power cable systems rated 2.5 kV through 46 kV AC.

B23D – Transmission Cable Joints and Terminations Discussion Group 
Chair: Ivan Jovanovic, G & W Electric,
Vice Chair: Robin Castro, Southern California Edison,
Discussion on the development of a new standard for transmission class cable accessories for solid dielectric and laminar power cables rated 69 kV through 500 kV.

B24D – IEEE 495 Guide for Testing Faulted Circuit Indicators (P495)
Chair: Kai Zhou, UL LLC,
Vice Chair: William Marshall, Smart Grid Solutions

B25 – Link Boxes
Chair – Ivan Jovanovic, G & W Electric,
Vice Chair – Cory Liu, Eversource Co.
Contributions and discussions on Link Boxes – designs, qualification and testing, applications, issues in the field, and open gaps.

W = Working Group (Prepares/Maintains a document such as a standard, guide or paper)
D = Discussion Group (Provides a forum for discussion on a focused topic.)
Working groups have the PAR # in parenthesis.