Subcommittee E – Administrative





Covers all issues related to the effective, efficient operation of the ICC and for the development and presentation of special ICC related activities.

Discussion / Working Groups:

E01D – Executive Committee (ExCom)
Chair: ICC Chair
Vice Chair: ICC Vice Chair
Covers matters related to the operation and function of the ICC, including meeting planning, personnel matters, operations, and financial matters.

E02D – Administrative Committee (AdCom)
Chair: ICC Chair
Vice Chair: ICC Vice Chair
Covers matters related to the overall operations and function of the ICC, providing input at the Subcommittee level.  Discusses and implements policies, procedures, and personnel changes.  Discusses the overall budget, expenditures, and allocation of resources within the ICC. 

E03D – Standards
Chair: Kathryn Klement, HV Grid Tech,
Vice Chair: Gary Clark, Henkels & McCoy West,,
Click here for more information about Standards

E04D – Educational Session
Chair: Arie Makovoza, Con Ed,
Vice Chair: Kai Zhou, UL,
Promote power-engineering education within the scope of the ICC. 

E06D – All Chairs
Chair: ICC Chair
Vice Chair: ICC Vice Chair
To discuss operational aspects of the ICC and to provide the appropriate training to all Working and Discussion Group Chairs and Vice-chairs to ensure meetings are conducted in accordance with IEEE Guidelines and the Policies and Procedures of the ICC.

E07D – Awards
Chair: Rachel Mosier, Power Delivery Consultants,
Vice Chair: Lauri Hiivala, Retired,
To promote the recognition of ICC members by their peers and the technical community for significant technical achievements in our industry, for contributions to standards development, and for contributions to the function and operation of the ICC.  Click here for more information about Awards.

E08D – Advisory Committee
Chair: Jeff Madden, Richards Manufacturing
Vice Chair: Vacant
To review subjects/tasks assigned to the group with the overall goal of making recommendations to improve the operation and performance of the ICC.

E09D – Opening Session
Chair: ICC Chair
Vice Chair: ICC Vice Chair
To transact business before the committee membership, provide a forum for presentation of awards and recognition of ICC members, recognize the passing of members/prior members, and to kick-off the current meeting.

E11D – Communications
Chair: Harry Orton, OCEI,
Vice Chair: Open
To provide a common point for both internal communications with the ICC membership and external communications with the broader engineering community about the activities taking place within the ICC.

E12D – Networking Luncheon
Chair: Jody Levine, Hydro One,
Vice Chair: Nigel Hampton, EPRI,
To provide a forum for ICC members, new attendees, and guests to network with one another.  To provide brief reporting of cable systems projects occurring in North America.