Dr. George H Bahder Memorial Award

This award was first presented at the Fall 1997 50th Anniversary Meeting of the ICC.

This Insulated Conductors Committee Dr. George H. Bahder Memorial Award is presented for engineering contributions that have enhanced the quality of insulated conductor cable systems utilized for transmission, distribution, and station circuits. This Award will be conferred only when deemed appropriate by the Insulated Conductors Committee. It is not either an annual or time scheduled Award. The Award will consist of a plaque and a $2,500 donation, which will be made, in the recipient’s name to an electric power engineering department at a university or college of the recipient’s choice. The department will be requested to use the donation as an educational scholarship to support a graduate or undergraduate student. The department will also be requested to identify the individual supported by this scholarship.

This Award can be conferred posthumously. For this eventuality the heirs will receive the plaque and designate which university or college is to receive the donation. 

Some Considerations in Evaluating Nominees

  • Nominee to have had a minimum of 10 years of Insulated Conductors Committee membership.
  • Technical leadership in cable system design and development.
  • Significant contributions toward improving the reliability, economy, and safety of cable systems for electric energy conversion and delivery, i.e. within the Scope of the Insulated Conductors Committee.
  • Commercial applications of inventions and innovations in cable and cable accessories design and materials and their incorporation into cable systems.
  • Achievements in the fields of insulated electric power cable systems, including R & D, testing developments, field applications, and operational practices.
  • Professional history.
  • Individual and group contributions.
  • Evidence of technical accomplishments.
  • IEEE activities.
  • Non-IEEE professional activities.

Dr. George H. Bahder Memorial Award Nomination Form

Bahder Award Recipients:

Spring 2018 – Joseph Zimnoch Sr.
For contributions to the understanding of manufacturing, installation and operational issues of high-pressure pipe-type, self-contained liquid-filled and extruded dielectric cable technologies.

Career Highlights
Joseph Zimnoch Sr. has been actively involved in the underground cable industry for more than 63 years, with an extensive career working for one of the preeminent cable manufacturers of pipe-type and other cable types. His initial work was as an R&D engineer on new and improved cable system types before working as an application engineer in the design, coordination, and installation and testing for pipe-type and extruded cable systems of voltages up to 345kV. He was then was promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer with responsibility for engineering, material procurement and delivery of cable and accessories on turnkey projects and supervising field advisors. From 1972 to 1987, he was promoted to positions as Chief Engineer, Director of High-voltage Systems and Director of Paper Cable Engineering. Throughout his extensive career, he has contributed to IEEE Insulated Conductor Committee guides, standards, presentations and general understanding of insulated power cable systems.

• Newark College of Engineering (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
• Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering (Class of 1954)
• Master of Science Electrical Engineering (1958)

• He was employed by The Okonite Company from 1954 to May 1995, where he was involved with all types of 5 kV to 500 kV impregnated paper and laminated paper polypropylene insulated cables such as high-pressure pipe-type, self-contained liquid-filled, low-pressure gas-filled, and solid-type PILC.
• His overall duties included project engineering and the direction of Okonite engineering staff handling high-voltage cable system projects. He had direct responsibilty for such projects not only in the United States but also overseas in countries such as Korea, Saudi Arabia, Chile and Yugoslavia.
• He retired from The Okonite Company on May 31, 1995 after 41 years of service.
• He is now an independent self-employed consultant specializing in high-voltage cables and accessories.

• Member of National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)
• Life Member of IEEE
• Member of IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES)
• Senior (Voting) Member of Insulated Conductors Committee (ICC)
• IEEE Insulated Conductors Committee participation included Subcommittee Nos. #3, #5 and #7 (1977 until 1998) and Subcommittees A, B and C (1999-present)
• Vice-Chair of Working Group C04 for IEEE 1425-2001 Guide for the Evaluation of the Remaining Life of Impregnated Paper-Insulated Transmission Cable Systems
• Member Working Group C05 for IEEE 1406-1998 Guide to the Use of Gas-In-Fluid Analysis for Electric Power Cable Systems
• Member, Working Group C29 for IEEE 1727-2013 Guide for Working Procedures on Underground Transmission Circuits with Induced Voltage
• Expert reviewer for the 1992 and 2001 editions of the Electric Power Research Insititue (EPRI) Underground Transmission Systems Reference Book

• 2014 IEEE PES Technical Committee Distinguished Individual Service Award

• Installation of Stainless Steel Pipe on a Pipe Type Cable System at the Open Forum at the Fall 1973 ICC meeting in Atlanta
• Design, Manufacture and Installation of a Long 345 kV Submarine Pipe Type Cable at the Open Forum at the Fall 1979 ICC meeting in Phoenix
• EPRI PPP Cable Special Session panelist at the Spring 1991 ICC meeting in Charleston
• Extended Testing of a 345 kV LPP Pipe-Type Cable for Engineering Information at Subcommittee No. 7 Cable Systems at the Spring 1992 ICC meeting in Victoria
• Extended Testing of a 230 kV LPP Pipe-Type Cable for Engineering Information at Subcommittee No. 7 Cable Systems at the Fall 1992 ICC meeting at St. Pete Beach
• The Design and Manufacture of Paper Insulated Lead Covered Cable (PILC) at the Educational Program at the Spring 2003 ICC meeting in Cincinnati
• Pipe Type Cables in the USA at the Spring 2011 Subcommittee C Cable Systems at the Spring 2011 ICC meeting in St. Petersburg
• Accelerated Cable Ageing Tests for Distribution and Transmission Cables Part 1 – High Voltage AC Paper Cables at the Educational Program at the Fall 2011 ICC meeting in Denver

Spring 2012 – Nagu Srinivas
For demonstrating the harmful influence of DC high potential testing on aged cross-linked polyethylene insulated cables, stimulating the industry to develop methods for estimating reliability

Nagu selected the Electrical Power Engieering Department of Arizona State University.
These funds supported Longfei Cui while a graduate student there.
His Master of Science thesis entitled Detection and Analysis of Partial Discharges in Non-uniform Field is now available on the ICC Downloads section of our website.

Fall 2011 – Joseph H. (Joe) Snow
For contributions to the development and commercialization of bonded sheaths for moisture barrier cables

Joe selected the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University.
These funds supported Milad Falahi while a graduate student there.
His copyrighted PhD dissertation entitled Dynamic Reactive Power Control of Isolated Power Systems is now available on the ICC Downloads section of our website.

Fall 2009 – Bruce Bernstein
For leadership in guidance of performance of cable aging and reliability issues, and providing foresight in combining aging methodology with diagnostic testing to estimate future performance of cable systems.

Bruce selected the Electrical Power Engineering Department of Arizona State University.
These funds supported Ganpathy Iyer while a graduate student there.
The following copyrighted article is now available on the ICC Downloads section of our website:
Dielectric Properties of Epoxy Based Nanocomposites for High Voltage Insulation; Ganpathy Iyer, School of Electrical, Energy and Computer Engineering, Ravi Gorur, School of Electrical, Energy and Computer Engineering, Ranko Richert, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Andrej Krivda, ABB Corporate Research and Lars E. Schmidt, ABB Corporate Research; IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, Vol. 18, No. 3, June 2011

Spring 2008 – John Densley
For significant contributions to the understanding of insulation failure mechanisms and specifically on the topic of electrical treeing in polymeric insulation materials such as XLPE and EPR.
John selected Georgia Tech NEETRAC for the Donation.
These funds supported Abhishek Chandrasekhar, a Georgia Tech Senior in Electrical Engineering.
Under the ICC sponsorship, Abhishek developed a model to calculate the voltage stress around contaminants in cables. He looked at the probability of failure as a function of contaminant orientation, dielectric constant and location.
A PowerPoint presentation entitled Insulation Contamination – Time for a Second Look is now available on the ICC Downloads section of our website, which serves as his report on the work performed. This work is very interesting and has some important implications for groups that set contamination limits.

Fall 2002 – Carlos Katz
For advancement of the technology for high voltage power cable and accessories, including the investigation of extruded and laminar dielectric high voltage power cables, the manufacture and properties of such cables and the extension of service life of installed cables.

Carlos selected UCONN for the donation. Two letters of appreciation from UCONN. These funds supported Dr. Chunchuan (Charles) Xu while a graduate student there. Much of his work was reported during presentations at the ICC. The following copyrighted articles are now available on the ICC Downloads section of our website:

High Frequency Loss from Neutral Wire-Shield Interaction of Shielded Power Cable; Chunchuan (Charles) Xu, Member, IEEE, and Steven A. Boggs, Fellow, IEEE; IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 23, No. 2, April 2008
High Frequency Properties of Shielded Power Cable Part 1: Overview of Mechanisms; Chunchuan Xu, Liming Zhou, Joe Y. Zhou, and Steven Boggs, Electrical Insulation Research Center, University of Connecticut; IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine November/December 2005 – Vol. 21, No. 6

High Frequency Properties of Shielded Power Cable Part 2: Sources of Error in Measuring Shield Dielectric Properties; Chunchuan Xu and S. A. Boggs, Electrical Insulation Research Center, University of Connecticut; IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine January/February 2006 – Vol. 22, No. 1

High Frequency Properties of Shielded Power Cable Part 3: Loss from Neutral Wire-Shield Interaction; Chunchuan Xu and S. A. Boggs, Electrical Insulation Research Center, University of Connecticut; IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine March/April 2007 – Vol. 23, No. 2

Fall 1997 – The family of Dr. George H. Bahder
For advancement of the technology for high voltage power cable and accessories, including basic design concepts, test techniques, designs, system engineering, and pioneer research.

DR. GEORGE H. BAHDER 1925 – 1982

Award accepted on behalf of the Family of Dr. George H. Bahder by
Dr. Gregory Bahder and Dr. Thomas Bahder

Historical Data – Dr. George H. Bahder
Born January 17,1925 in Warsaw, Poland
1946 – B Sc. Engineering School-Warsaw
1949 – M Sc. Polytechnic Institute-Warsaw
1957 – Ph D Sc Polytechnic Institute-Warsaw
1948-62 Polytechnic Institute: Research Engineer, Associate Professor
1952 – Poland’s Prime Minister Prize, for investigations of lightning arrestors.
1954 – Member of Poland’s Academy of Science
1958 – Polish National Golden Cross Award for Scientific Achievement
1962-70 General Cable Corporation; Sr. Research Eng, Ass’t Dir. Res.
1970-73 Phelps Dodge Wire & Cable; Vice Pres; & Director of R & D.
1973-78 General Cable Corporation: Vice President, & Director of R & D
1978-82 Cable Technology Laboratories; President and Director of R & D. While here he met an untimely death during December 1982.
Principal Achievements of Dr. George H. Bahder
Significant publications encompassed electrical and electro-chemical treeing effects in extruded dielectric cables, corona detection in power cables, aqing and breakdown of extruded dielectric power cables.

Holder of 4 patents in Poland involved with lightning arrestors.
Holder/co-holder of 33 patents in the USA involved with high-voltage cables and accessories.
Senior Member IEEE 1964, Fellow 1979.
Active Insulated Conductors Committee contributor.
Membership 1963-82.
Voting Member 1968-82.
National Research Council; National Academy of Sciences 1966-82
Member-at-Large CIGRE
Member CIGRE USA Executive Committee
Acceptance of the Dr. George H. Bahder Memorial Award
By the Family of Dr. George H. Bahder

We’re proud to be here to accept this award.

Our father left Poland and came to the United States because he was not able to effectively work in his field under the communist regime. Like many immigrants he saw the U.S. as the land of opportunity. He arrived here in 1962,with his wife and two children, at the age of 37 years old, having only $300. He spent 20 years living the “American Dream” and fell ill at the height of his career.

When someone dies, people close to them feel the pain of separation and are reminded of their own mortality. In receiving this award we are reminded that although our father’s body has died, he lives on in his work as well as in our hearts.

We would like to thank everybody who made this possible, especially Mr. Katz, Dr. Fryszczyn and ICC. Thank you from all of our family.

Gregory and Thomas Bahder

Mississippi State University chosen as scholarship recipient.
Mississippi State University letter of acknowledgement.