Subcommittee E – Administrative

Working Group E03 – Standards

Standards are one of the core purposes of the ICC.

WG E03 – Standards is set up to administer standards activities within the ICC by:

  • Assisting the subcommittee and working groups with the generation, development, or revision of technical standards, guides and recommended practices.
  • Monitoring the progress of standards development and PAR expirations.
  • Assisting in PAR development and balloting of all standards through proper IEEE-SA procedures.
  • Obtaining the proper authorization for standards as they are developed.
  • Coordinating any liaison necessary.
  • Assisting in the formatting and editing of technical standards and preparation of articles for publication under the sponsorship of the committee.

Chair/Standards Coordinator
Kathryn Klement, HV Grid Tech,

Assistant Standards Coordinator
Gary Clark, Henkels & McCoy West,, (909)544-0711

IEEE-SA Staff Liaison
Michael D. Kipness, IEEE,, (732)562-3810

Resources for Standards Development

Comment Resolution Process for Working Group Chairs – A presentation given by Malia Zaman at the Spring 2017 Meeting.

IEEE-SA Toolkit/Quick Reference Guide for Working Group Chairs and Vice Chairs – Posted June 2, 2016

Standards Overview Tips – A presentation given by Malia Zaman at the Fall 2016 Meeting