Subcommittee G – Transnational



Reporting of construction and operation of large cable system installations worldwide. Interfacing of the ICC with national and international standards organizations outside of the IEEE.  

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Transnational Subcommittee is to involve the international scientific community in the Insulated Conductors Committee of the IEEE Power Engineering Society and to enhance the exchange of technical information between countries.

Discussion / Working Groups:

G10D – CIGRE/IEC International Organizations
Chair: Walter Zenger, USi,
Vice Chair: Harry Orton, OCEI,
Discuss CIGRE, IEC and other International Organizations

xW = Working Group (Prepares a document such as a standard, guide or paper) D = Discussion Group (Provides a forum for discussion on a focused topic.)  Working groups have the PAR # in parenthesis.