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Latest ICC News & Announcements 2008

December 30, 2008 - A4D Definition of Tree-Retardant Crosslinked Polyethylene
WG A4D completed publishing all the work that the Discussion Group did over a period of 12 years in an attempt to define Tree-Retardant Crosslinked Polyethylene.  The Discussion Group started in 1996 and disbanded in December 2008 after the publication of this work.

A shorter version of the work was published in the September/October 2008 Issue of the Electrical Insulation Magazine.  However, due to the nature of the data that was shared within the Discussion Group, it could not all be published in public forum such as the Electrical Insulation Magazine.  A more complete version of the work, with tables of data and charts is published in the two documents that follow here the Download section of the ICC Website.  The first document is a summary of the work that was done and the second document shows examples of the calculation method that was used.
December 7, 2008 - Congratulations to ICC's newest IEEE Fellow, Glen Bertini!
IEEE has just announced the 2009 class of IEEE Fellows, and one of our own, Glen Bertini has been honored this year!  His Fellow citation stated that is was "for applications to the dielectric performance of underground electrical power cable."  Congratulations to Glen on this honor!  For a list of all ICC members who are also IEEE Fellows, click here.
December 5, 2008 - Fall 2008 Awards
Awards Chair Lauri Hiivala has posted a listing of the numerous Awards presented at the Fall 2008 meeting here.  If you didn't have a chance to congratulate them at the meeting, check out the list and let them know how much we appreciate these members!
Also, do you know a IEEE Senior Member who has had an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any IEEE field of interest (especially ICC)?  Consider nominating them for IEEE Fellow, the institute's highest member grade.  Please visit the Fellows website at http:/
November 22, 2008 - Rosen Centre
A Message from Acting Chair Rachel Mosier:  The Spring 2009 meeting will be held at the Rosen Center. The cutoff for registration is April 14, 2009, but the block will close as soon as itís full, so please donít hold off on making your reservations. Please call 1-800-204-7234 for reservations and request the group rate for IEEE. Rosen Centre Hotel 9840 International Drive Orlando, Florida 32819
November 22, 2008 - Fall Meeting Actions
There are a number of things that passed at the fall meeting.  AdCom passed an official policy on registration refunds.
WG B18D posted the last version of IEEE 1215-2001 "Application Guide for Separable ConnectorsĒ to the download site to aid in their upcoming revision of this document.
WG D14D posted the last version of IEEE 422-1986 "Guide for the Design and Installation of Cable Systems in Power Generating Stations" to the download site to aid in their upcoming revision of this document.
WG F05D on Damped AC Voltage Testing has already posted their minutes from the fall meeting.
October 30, 2008 - Fall Meeting Finished.  On to Orlando!
The Fall Meeting is over, where we had many great meetings and presentations.  We look forward to seeing you all at the Rosen Centre in Orlando May 17-20, 2009.
October 23, 2008 - WG F11D, E10D and Transnational Luncheon
DG F11D on Partial Discharges from Cable Accessories has posted an agenda for their meeting in San Antonio here.  DG E10D on International Organizations has updated their agenda posted here.  The Transnational Luncheon Agenda has also been posted under the presentations page.
October 20, 2008 - Standards Liaison and Sub C New Discussion Groups
The last minute additions to an already great program keep coming!  Standards Chair Shayne Wright has arranged for ICC's IEEE Liaison Soo Kim to be available for questions in San Antonio.  Come find out the answers to your standards questions Sunday from 3:30 to 5:00 PM, and Monday and Tuesday from 2:30 to 4:00.  Location will be posted at registration.
Also, Subcommittee C has two new discussion groups having meetings in San Antonio.  First, there is an Ad Hoc Committee entitled, "High Pressure Fluid Filled and High Pressure Gas Filled Pipe Type Cable Systems", which begins on Wednesday at 8:00 to 10:00 am.  Second, David Lindsay is going to reopen C22D "Superconducting Cables", on Wednesday, from 10:15 am to 12 noon.
October 17, 2008 - Final Agenda 2
A last minute change to the agenda had to be made.  Please download and check this agenda which has gone to print.  You can download it here.
October 15, 2008 - DG F05 on Damped AC Voltage Testing
Chair Ed Gulski of DG F05 has posted an agenda for their meeting in San Antonio.  You can download it here.
October 14, 2008 - Correction to Subcommittee Presentation Schedules
An error in posting to the schedules for the fall meeting was just noticed today.  Anyone who has checked the presentation schedules for Subcommittees A or B in the last two weeks, please check again.  Sub B's schedule was mistakenly posted under Sub A.  If has now been corrected, and a preliminary Sub A program has been posted.
October 14, 2008 - Final Agenda
The Final Agenda has been posted here.  We hope to see you in San Antonio!
October 13, 2008 - Pre-Registration Closing Soon!
If you are one of the 230 people who already preregistered for our Fall ICC meeting, THANKS! If you have not yet preregistered and you plan to attend, it will help us immensely with planning and also save you some time during registration if you preregister online. Also, if you want to pay with a credit card, you MUST preregister online. (Credit cards will not be accepted on-site.) The registration website will only be available for 4 more days!! Please preregister by 5:00 P.M. this Friday, October 17th.
October 11, 2008 - WG D5W Ballot
Working Group D5W (P1185) has posted the comments from their recent ballot as well as revisions to their draft standard to the download site.  Chairman John Merando asks all members to review the documents, and bring a copy to their meeting in San Antonio.
October 10, 2008 - Table Top Displays
We have a large group of EIGHT table top display vendors planning to show the latest technologies at the fall meeting.  Their details are on the fall presentation page.  Plan to pay them a visit!
October 9, 2008 - Subcommittee B, Educational Program and DG E10 Agenda.
Subcommittee B has posted their schedule of presentations for their fall meeting!  Please check it out at the fall presentation page and plan to attend!  Also, more details have been posted on the educational program, which is a tour of Intertek Testing Service's Cable Flame-Testing Laboratory.  A schedule and a picture of a flame test have been posted to the fall presentation pageRemember that you must register to attend this tour or you won't have a seat on the bus!  Finally, Willem Boone has posted an agenda for Discussion Group E10 on CIGRE/IEC on their page.
September 26, 2008 - Subcommittee D Program
Subcommittee D has posted several presentations for their fall meeting!  Please check it out at the fall presentation page and plan to attend!
September 25, 2008 - Subcommittee C and F Programs and WG A17
Subcommittee C has posted several presentations for their fall meeting, and Subcommittee F has updated their listing and scheudle.  Please check it out at the fall presentation page.  Working Group A17 has posted an updated draft under the download section of the website.
September 22, 2008 - Registration is Open for Fall Meeting!
ICC On-Line Registration is open starting today through Friday, October 17!  We encourage you to please Pre-Register, as this helps us in our planning as well as reduces the amount of time you have to stand in line at On-Site Registration. Remember, you can use a credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa) to pay online, then just stop by On-Site Registration to pick up your official receipt and name badges. You can also register online and pay with cash or check. In any case, please print out a copy of your registration and bring it with you in case we have any difficulties. (We will not accept credit cards on-site.)  To preregister, visit
September 19, 2008 - Subcommittee F and WG C24
Subcommittee F on Field Testing and Diagnostics has just posted a very full and exciting draft slate of presentations for their meeting in San Antonio!  You can find details here.  Presentations from all the Subcommittee's will be posted as they are available.  Also, WG C24 on Temperature Monitoring and Dynamic Rating of Cable Systems has posted draft number 4 of their proposed standard in the download site (click to your left).
September 12, 2008 - Updated Agenda and WG A18/B12
An updated Agenda has been posted for the Fall 2008 Meeting here.  Also WG A18/B12 on Failure Analysis has posted a draft of the standard they are working on in the download section of the website.
September 10, 2008 - Fall 2008 Networking Luncheon
It's only 6+ weeks from the Fall 2008 Meeting!  If you have looked at the preliminary agenda, you will notice a new event on Monday, a Networking Luncheon.  The purpose of the lunch is to meet new people and to do more of what we all love to do so much during the breaks Ė talk! It will be a buffet lunch and, hopefully, something really good for dessert!  We hope many of you will attend, and you will find a spot on the registration form to sign up ($25).
September 1, 2008 - Fall 2008 Meeting Agenda and Announcements
The Fall 2008 meeting is rapidly approaching!  A preliminary agenda has been posted here!  There are numerous information updates including hotel information (The cut-off is September 24th!) and other relevant information.  This can all be found on the Fall 2008 Meeting Page.  After a successful online pre-registration last meeting, pre-registration for the meeting should be available online September 22 - October 17 at
August 2, 2008 - NEW Subcommittee F on Field Testing and Diagnostics
One of the major decisions by the Adcom at the Spring 2008 meeting was the creation of a NEW Subcommittee F on "Field Testing and Diagnostics."  Several existing working and discussion groups have been moved to this new subcommittee, to provide more focus on one of the most exciting areas in ICC.  Thanks are due to John Densley and Nigel Hampton who have agreed to be chair and vice chair respectively.  We look forward to their leadership in creating this new committee.  Follow the links to find out more about this new committee and it's mission.
June 2, 2008 - Spring 2010 Meeting
The contract has been signed, so it is now official, the Spring 2010 meeting will be held March 21-24, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee at the Sheraton Music City Hotel!  You can find out a little bit more about the hotel at their website,  Mark your calendars so you can join us there!
May 26, 2008 - Working Group Minutes
Working Group D5W has posted minutes from their spring meeting.  Also, Working Group D17W has posted several drafts of their proposed IEEE P1717, IEEE Standard for Testing Circuit Integrity Cables Using a Hydrocarbon Pool Fire Test Protocol to the downloads section of the website
May 16, 2008 - ICC Administrative Update
The Officers and Administrative Committee at ICC, along with everyone who knew him, are incredibly saddened by the sudden passing of our Chair, Shan Nandi. He had natural leadership ability, and he had great plans for our Committee.
As unexpected as this was, the ICC Operations Manual takes into account the inability of a Chair to perform his or her duties for any reason. Therefore, per the ICC Ops Manual and the IEEE Technical Council, Rachel Mosier will assume Shan Nandiís responsibilities of ICC Chair for the remainder of his term, i.e., through December 31, 2009. Her role will then change from Acting Chair to Chair for the duration of her term (2010-2011). John Smith will assume Rachelís duties as the ICC Vice-Chair for the remainder of Rachelís vice-chair term. Johnís role will then change from Acting Vice Chair to Vice Chair for the duration of his vice-chair term (2010-2011), at which time he will become the Chair (2012-2013).
There may be some challenges as we work through this transition. However, we can overcome any challenge by working together and supporting each other as we always have. Thatís one of the ICCís greatest strengths and what makes ours such a successful committee.Ē
May 6, 2008 - Funeral Arrangements for Chairman Shan Nandi
Funeral Arrangements for Shantanu Nandi
Date: Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Time: 11 am - 3 pm
Beidelman-Kunsch Funeral Home
516 South Washington Street
Naperville, IL 60540
Phone: (630) 355-0264
May 5, 2008 - Passing of Chairman Shan Nandi
Shan NandiIt is with great sadness that we must announce that ICC Chairman Shan Nandi passed away Sunday May 4th.  This comes as an enormous shock.  He was such an active person, and so healthy and young, itís hard to comprehend. In addition to his family and to ComEd, this is also a huge loss for ICC. He had so much energy and so many great ideas.  He will be sorely missed.
April 21, 2008 - Spring 2008 Awards
There were a large number of awards and recognitions given out at the spring 2008 meeting, including the Dr. George H. Bahder Memorial Award, one of the highest awards ICC has to offer.  This prestigious award was given to John Densley during the spring meeting.  Read about John, and all the others who we honored at the Spring 2008 awards page here.
April 18, 2008 - Passing of Jim Moran
It is with sadness that we announce the passing of a long time ICC member and IEEE Fellow Jim Moran on Sunday, April 13, 2008.  His obituary as printed in the Albany Times Union is posted here.
April 18, 2008 - Working Groups D13W & A17W
Two working groups have made postings to the website.  WG D13W has posted a presentation and paper presented by Kent Brown at their spring meeting.  WG A17W has posted a starting draft for their project "Guide for the Application of Extruded Conductor and Insulation Shields for Shielded Power Cables Rated 5 kV to 500 kV AC" to the downloads section of the website.
April 7, 2008 - New Vice-Chairman/Treasurer - Elect
We are pleased to congratulate and  welcome John T. Smith lll, our new Vice-Chairman/Treasurer - Elect.  John was elected to this position by the AdCom during the Spring '08 meeting.  Follow the link to a short biography of John.
March 28, 2008 - Vendor Sponsored Activities
The guidelines for vendor sponsored activities during ICC meetings have been updated are are now posted on the website here.  Please check out these rules that will help our ICC meetings be as effective as possible.
March 27, 2008 - Working Group D4D
Working Group D4D on Smoke Toxicity and Corrosive Products of Cable Combustion has posted an updated compendium of smoke and corrosivity testing standards to the downloads portion of the website.
March 12, 2008 - Spring 2008 Meeting Wrapping Up, on to San Antonio!
A very successful and well attended spring 2008 meeting is now wrapping up.  Thank you to every one who came and participated.  We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio!
March 6, 2008 - Last Minute Updates
A last minute update has been made to the agenda reflecting some of the late room changes.  Also there has been a few more changes to the presentations, specifically for the Transnational luncheon.  Also, Tyco is a last minute addition to the Mini-Expo.
February 29, 2008 - Standards Update
Standards Chair Shayne Wright has posted an update to the project status listing for the ICC.  It is available in both MS Word and MS Excel formats.  Also, for those of you frequent website checkers, the subcommittee presentations have been updated again today.
February 28, 2008 - Final Agenda, Subcommittee Presentations
An all but final agenda has been posted.  Meeting times should all be final.  There may be a few room changes still to come.  Also, there have been several updates to subcommittee presentations as well as the Mini-Expo.
February 19, 2008 - Subcommittee Presentations
Subcommittees B has posted abstracts of several presentations for the Spring meeting, and Subcommittee C has added one more.
February 14, 2008 - Subcommittee Presentations, Educational Program, Mini-Expo
Subcommittees C & D have posted abstracts of several presentations for the Spring meeting.  Also, initial information on the Educational Program has been posted.  There are six exciting vendors for our Mini-Expo/Table Top Display.  Also, the guidelines for Table Top Displays have been updated and clarified.  If you are exhibiting or thinking about exhibiting, please check them out.
February 14, 2008 - Working Group D5
Working Group D5 has posted draft 7 of P1185 on the downloads portion of the website.
February 7, 2008 - Agenda
An updated, hopefully final draft of the agenda has been posted.  Room names will be added closer to the meeting date after they are provided by the hotel.
February 4, 2008 - Subcommittee A Presentations
Subcommittee A has posted abstracts of several exciting presentations for their session at the Spring meeting.  Check them out here to see what is in store at their session.
January 28, 2008 - Presentation Guidelines and Preload Procedure
A few changes are being made to the presentation preload procedure that all presenters need to take note of.  Beginning with the Spring meeting, all presentations must be submitted to the Subcommittee Chair/Vice Chair, who will preload the presentation onto the ICC computer.  We will no longer have preload sessions each morning, so prior contact with the Subcommittee Chair must be made in order to coordinate download of your presentation.  Note that the ICC computer will NOT be available in the moments immediately before each meeting, and that all presentations MUST be preloaded onto the ICC computer, with no exceptions.  Presentations may NOT be run from a flash drive.  Subcommittee Chairs will be in contact with you to coordinate their deadline for submission.  The memo to Subcommittee Chairs/Vice Chairs concerning this change can be found here.
Several updates have been also been made to the presentation guidelines, to bring them up to date with this new procedure and clarify several points.  If you are making a presentation, please take a moment to refresh your memory of the guidelines.
January 24, 2008 - Credit Card Users
Please note the following announcement from ICC Chairman Shan Nandi: "The ICC provides the mechanism to register for the Spring and Fall meetings on-line using credit/debit cards. Please note that once registered, you must contact the ICC Secretary for any requested changes or refunds. Refunds are only approved if requested prior to the first day of the meeting. Any approved refunds will be issued by ICC check only."
January 23, 2008 - ICC Member Michael Bayer
ICC Member Michael Bayer was recently featured in the December edition of "The Institute's" Part Time Passions section.  Read all about it here.
January 23, 2008 - Spring 2008 Agenda Update and E10D Agenda
The first update to the preliminary agenda  has already been posted.  Please keep checking back to see the latest changes.  Also, Discussion Group E10 on CIGRE/IEC International Activities has posted an agenda for their meeting this spring.
January 22, 2008 - Spring 2008Registration and Agenda
The Spring 2008 meeting gets closer every day!  A week ago, members should have received an e-mail from the ICC Officers with details on our new online registration system at  This is available for members and visitors/new members alike, and more details are available on the Spring 2008 meeting page or  Also, Vice Chairman Rachel Mosier has posted the preliminary agenda  for the spring meeting.  Please remember, this is a preliminary agenda for planning purposes.  The exact schedule of specific group meetings will change before the meeting.
January 10, 2008 - Spring 2008Hotel Details
The Spring 2008 meeting is rapidly approaching.  Make your plans now to say with us at the Tradewinds Island Grand Resort.  Our negotiated rate is $189.00 for a Standard Hotel Room. All rooms will have a window to the outside. The resort fee is included in the rate and includes self-parking, use of fitness center and tennis courts, participation in water aerobics classes, daily newspaper, wireless internet access, local and toll-free calls, use of a beach cabana, water tricycle, and paddleboat, domestic faxes, and business center use. Attendees staying at other hotels will be charged $15/day for parking. The cutoff date is January 30, 2008! Our room block is from Friday, March 7 Ė Friday, March 14.  Call 1-800-808-9833 (USA & Canada) or 1-727-367-6461 from elsewhere, and mention ďInsulated Conductors 2008 Spring MeetingĒ to the Group Reservations Department.
Please plan to stay at the TradeWinds so that we meet our room commitments and don't have to pay a penalty.
January 10, 2008 - Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to the ICC!  With the end of the last meeting, we brought in a new Chairman of the ICC, Shan Nandi!  Congratulations to Shan on his new role, and we look forward to his leadership going forward.  Apologies are due from the webmaster for the long delay between the last page update.  There are many today.
1. Working Group D5W (P1185) has posted a new draft under the Downloads Section of the Website.
2.  Awards Chair Lauri Hiivala has posted a listing of the numerous awards given out at the fall meeting here.
3.  Working Group D14 is beginning to revise IEEE 422 and has posted both minutes from their Fall meeting and the old IEEE 422 under the download section of the website.
Working Group D3 is beginning to revise IEEE 1242 and has posted the old IEEE 1242 under the download section of the website.

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