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Latest ICC News & Announcements 1999

December 8, 1999 - Draft 1.0 of IEEE P1539 Posted.
Working Group C8 Chairman Torben Aabo has posted draft 1.0 of IEEE P1539, Draft Guide for Testing Testing Transmission Cable Systems with Extruded Insulation, Part 1, 69 kV through 150 kV, on the ICC Download page. He'd like to get comments from Working Group members and interested parties.
December 8, 1999 - For all those attending the Spring ICC meeting - A note from the Chairman.
To all ICC meeting attendees. Please note that the Spring 2000 meeting in Albuquerque, NM begins on Sunday, May 14. This year that happens to be Mother's Day. I have heard from many of you about this conflict. Believe me, if I had known that was Mother's Day I would not have scheduled the meeting to start on that day. When planning an ICC meeting, the officers and administrative committee of the ICC work to avoid conflicts with other technical conferences and religious holidays. Unfortunately we did not notice that May 14 was Mother's Day. Since the hotel is booked the weeks before and after our meeting, we cannot change the meeting dates. I know this will be an inconvenience for some of you - it certainly is for me. Marjorie and I always host a Mother's day celebration for our families. We have done this annually since the year we were married - that makes a total of 15 years. This year we will celebrate Mother's day a week early. I know my mother would just as well get her present a week early so for her it works out well. I hope each of you can work through the conflict and look forward to seeing you in Albuquerque.
December 8, 1999 - Fall 2002 Meeting Change
ICC Meeting attendees - please take note. The Fall 2002 meeting will be held at the Don CeSar in St. Petersburg, FL instead of the Hilton Hotel in Clearwater, FL. After visiting the Hilton, Chairman Rick Hartlein decided ICC members would be more satisfied staying at the Don. He was also able to negotiate a room rate at the Don that includes only a modest increase over the rate for Fall 2000. Please check the Future Meeting Schedule for all future meetings and locations.
December 6, 1999 - File One of These with Your Expense Report
Many of you attended the Halloween Party at the Fall 99 meeting in St Pete. Thanks to Jim Medek, we now have proof that some of you don't know the meaning of the word, "inhibition". If you have pictures from the party that you'd like to share, send them to and he'll post them. The sight of Ted Balaska dressed as an angel scared children and small dogs as never before. Check it out.
November 23, 1999 - ICC Member Ed Rogers Dies in Auto Accident
Longtime ICC member, Ed Rogers, died Saturday November 20th as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Ed, an employee of  Memphis Light Gas and Water, was 61. He was an active member of ICC for many years. He made many presentations on cable failure rates at his company and he chaired the group on accessory failure analysis. He was planning to retire within a year. Ed is survived by his wife, Barbara, two daughters, a son, and four grandchildren. The family requested that any memorials be sent to Church Health Center in Memphis.
November 15, 1999 - Chairman Hartlein's PER Article
ICC Chairman Rick Hartlein recently wrote an article for the IEEE Power Engineering Society's magazine, the Power Engineering Review. The article provides some great insight into the changes that we are making in the ICC to get ready for the next century. This is one you'll not want to miss.
November 12, 1999 - Fall 99 Keynote Presentation Available on the Web
ICC Vice-Chairman Elect, Ken Bow, addressed attendees regarding the future of the ICC during the Opening Session of the Fall 99 meeting. Many of you requested that his presentation be made available. The files are in Powerpoint 97.
November 4, 1999 - Fall 99 Meeting Sets Attendance Mark
The Fall 1999 Insulated Conductors Committee meeting in St. Petersburg, FL has just come to a close. Over 450 engineers and scientists from around the world attended this four day event. We'll be adding minutes and key presentations from this event in the days to come. So check back often.
November 4, 1999 - Attention Working Group Officers!!
ICC Chairman Rick Hartlein had a number of tips and challenges for WG Officers as he addressed that group during the All Chairs Meeting held Monday morning, Nov. 1, at the Don CeSar. Rick's address included remarks which were to have been given by Susan Tatiner of IEEE (Susan came down with the flu and was unable to attend). We've posted Rick's presentation for your reference.
October 27, 1999 - Discussion Group Presentation on Ampacity
Discussion Group C1 (Ampacity Tables) Chairman Tony Ernst announced today that there will be a presentation by Dr. Steven Boggs (University of Connecticut) and J. Kuang (University of Toronto) during their meeting, Monday, November 1st at 2:00 pm on Finite Element Magnetic Pipe Calculations. Everyone is invited.
October 21, 1999 - Additional ICC Input Sought for ICC/CIGRE Colloquim
The ICC co-chairs for the three joint colloquim sessions could use additional input/presentations from ICC members. Interested parties should review the list of topics and contact one of the chairmen listed at the bottom of the Colloquim agenda. Even if you're not a potential presenter, take a look at both documents.
October 18, 1999 - The List of Presentations Continues to Grow for Fall 1999
The list of Technical Presentations for the St. Pete meeting continues to grow. Be sure and check for frequent updates. We've also updated the daily schedules, so be sure to check each day's agenda as you plan your trip (Saturday/Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).
October 14, 1999 - Agendas Posted for Task Groups C18 and C20
Hans Gnerlich has posted Task Group agendas for both C18 and C20 for the Fall 1999 meeting.
October 14, 1999 - ICC Webmaster on the Mend and Fall 1999 Meeting Updates
Those of you who frequently check the ICC web will have noticed that news and updates have not come as rapidly as usual. Your webmaster has been out of commission for several weeks but is back on the job now. Updates for the Fall 1999 ICC meeting in St Petersburg Beach, FL are now being made on a regular basis, so check there often.
September 16, 1999 - Special Speaker at the All Chairs Meeting at Fall 99
Chairman Rick Hartlein has announced that there will be a special speaker at the All Chairs meeting. In a note to all Working Group Chairmen Rick said, "Please be sure and attend the Monday Morning All Chairs Meeting at 7:00 am. (A continental breakfast will be provided so you won't have to go hungry.) Susan Tatiner, IEEE Director of Standards Publishing Programs will talk to us about hints and tools for effectively leading a working group. She will help all of us better understand techniques for keeping a working group on track and she will review the tools available from IEEE to facilitate the process. This should be a great, informative meeting."
September 16, 1999 - New Draft Documents Posted on the Download Site
Hans Gnerlich has posted two documents on the ICC Download page, the first is draft 2 of the IEEE Guide for Field Testing of Shielded Power Cable Systems Using Very Low Frequency (VLF). This document was prepared by Working Group C-17 (old 12-51). The second document is draft 10 of the IEEE Guide for Fault Locating on Shielded Power Cable Systems and was prepared by WG C-20 (old 12-48). Working Group Members need to download and review the documents and provide commnets back to Hans at
September 3, 1999 - Fall 1999 Meeting Details Released
Chairman Rick Hartlein has released details of the upcoming Fall 1999 ICC meeting in St Petersburg Beach, FL (October 31-November 3rd). He's included info on registration, hotels, transportation, spouse activities and a daily meeting agenda.
September 1, 1999 - More Minutes Posted from Spring 1999 Meeting
Minutes from the Spring 1999 meeting of Subcommittee B, Subcommitttee C and their Working Groups have now been posted.
August 24, 1999 - Minutes Posted from Spring 1999 Meeting
Subcommitttee A (Cable Construction and Design) and D (Station, Control and Utilization Cables) Chairmen have posted the minutes from their SCs and Working Groups from the Spring 1999 ICC meeting in Charlotte NC. We'll be posting the minutes from the B (Accessories) and C (Cable Systems) Subcommittees shortly.
August 19,1999 - Cable Construction and Design Subcommittee Working Groups Renumbered
Subcommitttee A Chairman Bogden also posted a listing of the new designations for his Working/Discussion Groups as a result of the ICC reorganization.
August 18,1999 - SC A Chairman Announces First Technical Presentations for Fall 1999 Meeting
Subcommittee A (Cable Construction and Design) Chairman, David Brogden, posted the first Technical Presentations for the Fall 1999 meeting in St Petersburg. We'll be adding abstracts and many more presentations as the meeting approaches.
August 4,1999 - Draft 7 of IEEE P-1428 Posted
Working Group D6 Chairman John White of Texas Utilities has posted draft 7 of IEEE P-1428, Installation of Fiber Optic Cables in Generating Stations and Industrial Facilities, on the ICC Download page. The group is making steady progress on this new Guide and would appreciate your review and comments. Send them to Chairman White at
August 3,1999 - Special PES Publication Announced
Chairman Hartlein announced today that the PES is seeking your input as it prepares a special publication entitled, Twentieth Century Papers that Defined the Electric Power Industry
August 3,1999 - Fall 1999 Reception Not for the Faint at Heart
The Sunday evening reception at the Fall 99 conference will take place on October 31st (Halloween here in the US), so ICC Chairman Rick Hartlein has announced that it will be a costume party. See his invitation for all of the details. There will be prizes for the best costumes (we should have done that all along).
July 14,1999 - Meet Accessories Subcommittee Vice Chairman Allen MacPhail
Back on June 7th, we announced that Allen MacPhail of BC Hydro had accepted the assignment as Vice Chairman of the Accessories Subcommittee. We've posted a short biographical sketch so you can get to know one of your newest officers.
July 14,1999 - Accessories Subcommittee Working Groups Renumbered
As reported in the news item from July 9th, ICC Working groups are being renumbered. Chairman Bob Gear, has posted the new designations for the new Subcommittee B, Accessories.
July 9,1999 - ICC Working Groups Being Renumbered
As a result of 1998 reorganization of the ICC, Working Group designations (based on the old 14 subcommittee structure) no longer reflect our current aliignment. At the Spring meeting in Charlotte, the AdHoc committee devised a new numering scheme. The new subcommittees will be designated A thru E. WG/DGs have been renumered, starting wih a letter prefix (A, B, C, D or E) which indicates their associated subcommittee. The next character is a number, sequentially assigned within the subcommittee. Finally, a suffix (D or W) indicates whether a Group is a Discussion Group or a Working Group. Confused? Don't despair. we will continue to show the old numbers in parenthesis for some time. Faced with these changes, your webmaster may resign. But for the moment, he has started making changes with the D Subcommittee. Others will follow over the next few weeks.
July 8,1999 - IEEE P-1235 Prelimainary Ballot Results
WG 6-24 Chairman Steve Szaniszlo reported today that preliminary balloting of IEEE P-1235, Guide for the Properties of Identifiable Jackets for Underground Power Cables and Ducts, has been very favorable with 96% of those participating (not counting abstentions) voting to affirm.
July 7,1999 - ICC to Sponsor Panel Sessions at Singapore 2000
Past ICC Chairman Roland Watkins is working hard to put together ICC sponsored panels sessions at the IEEE PES Winter Meeting - Singapore 2000. One session will be on Aircraft Wiring Problems. Roland is looking for knowledgeable individuals to serve on the Panel. If you can help, contact Roland at
July 2,1999 - Mashikian Seeks Feedback on IEEE 400-3
Matt Mashikian, Chairman of the Working Group developing the a Guide for Partial Discharge Testing in the Field (IEEE 400-3) reminds those interested in contributing to the document that your comments are due to him as soon as possible. The latest draft was distributed and discussed at the Charlotte meeting. Can't find your copy? Visit the ICC Download page. Send your comments to Dr Mashikian at
June 24,1999 - Give Us Your Feedback on Spring 99
The Spring 99 meeting is history, but before the details get too fuzzy, take a few minutes and tell us what worked and what didn't work. The new format has continued to be well received, but we are open for improvements. We've got some changes planned to make the computer based presentations got smoother and we hope to be able to provide you with a more detailed 'program' when you register (something like the list of technical presentations that we currently post on the web). Have you got some ideas? Chairman Rick Hartlein would love to hear from you.
June 7,1999 - Subcommittee Leadership Changes
At the Spring 99 meeting in Charlotte, Chairman Rick Hartlein announced changes in the leadership of ICC's Technical Subcommittees. After many years at the helm of the old SC-5 and the new Cable Construction and Design Subcommittee, John Tanaka (UCONN) has asked for a well deserved break. David Bogden (Detroit Edison) and John Densley (Ontario Hydro) have large shoes to fill as they take over for John. Nagu Srinivas (Detroit Edison), who had served as Co-Chairman with Tanaka, has moved to the same role on the Cable Systems Subcommittee under Chairman John Cooper (Power Delivery Consultants). Nagu takes over for Austin Tingley, who headed up SC-4 for many years prior to our reorganization. Like, Tanaka, Tingley's years of service as a Subcommittee Chairman and Co-Chairman have earned him a well deserved break. To fill the vacancy created by David Bogden's move, Hartlein announced that Allen MacPhail (BC Hydro) will serve as Bob Gear's Co-Chair on the Cable Accessories Subcommittee. Finally, to fill the vacancy which will be created by Ken Bow's move up to Vice Chair (Elect) of the ICC, Hartlein announced that Kent W. Brown (TVA) will work with Arthur Fitzpatrick (SWEC) on the Station, Control and Utilization Subcommittee.
June 2,1999 - Revised Draft of IEEE P1235 Posted
Working Group 6-24 Chairman Steve Szaniszlo has posted the latest draft of IEEE P-1235, Guide for the Properties of Identifiable Jackets for Underground Power Cables and Ducts, on the ICC Download Site. the WG is currently balloting this document and would like your comments. You'll need the Username and Password as announced at the ICC meetings to retrieve the document. Send your comments to WG Chairman Szaniszlo at
June 2,1999 - Steve Szaniszlo Appointed as Education Chairman
At the Spring meeting in Charlotte, Chairman Rick Hartlein announced that Steve Szaniszlo from Union Carbide Canada had been appointed as ICC Education Chairman. The Educational Program, now a regular feature of Wednesday afternoons at ICC, has become one of our most important activities. Steve takes over from Mike Walker who had been doing double duty as Vice Chairman and Educational Chairman.
June 2,1999 - Wes Spencer Honored at Spring 99 Meeting
At the Spring meeting in Charlotte, Past ICC Chairman Ted Balaska announced that Wes Spencer had been named as the recipient of the ICC's Distinguished Service Award. If you've been to an ICC meeting, you've seen Wes. He's the guy who has worked tirelessly to make the registration process quick and painless. It's a job that has taken him out of many technical meetings and left him working long after we've headed to the restaurant or the beach. It's an award that was well deserved. Congratulations Wes!
May 28,1999 - Input Sought for Colloquium Topics
As previously announced, a joint ICC/CIGRE Colloquium will be held just before the Fall 99 ICC meeting. The ICC members who are helping to organize the program would like your input to ensure that the discussions focus on the topics of greatest interest to the group. Don't delay, they need your feedback by June 21st.
May 27,1999 - Spring 99 is Comes to a Close
With the sound of Stock Cars rumbling in the background, the 105th ICC meeting has come to a close. Thanks go to Duke Energy for hosting almost 300 attendees for three and a half days in Charlotte.
May 20,1999 - Final Presentations Listing
We've updated the list of Technical Presentations scheduled for next week in Charlotte, adding several for the Cable Construction and Design Subcommittee. There may be other last minutes changes, so check the bulletin board next the meeting registration desk.
May 20,1999 - WG 14-6 Meeting Canceled
Working Group 14-6 Chairman John White announced today that the IEEE 634 meeting originally scheduled for 10:30 Wednesday morning in Charlotte will not be held.
May 18,1999 - Draft 1 of IEEE Guide for Partial Discharge Testing Posted
Working Group 12-51 Chairman Matt Mashikian announced today that draft 1 of IEEE 400-3, Guide for Partial Discharge Testing of Power Cable Systems in a Field Environment, has been posted on the ICC Download Site. This revision will be discussed in detail at the Spring meeting next week. You'll need the Username and Password announced at the last two ICC meetings to access the file. Contact Dr Mashikian if you can't find that scrap of paper you wrote them on.
May 15,1999 - The Presentations List Continues to Grow
With the start of the Charlotte meeting only a week away, most details are set but a few last minute Subcommittee Technical Presentations continue to trickle in. Check back daily to get the latest.
May 14,1999 - Working Group 14-2 Posts Draft 6 of IEEE P1428
WG Chairman John White has posted revision 6 of the draft Guide for Installation of Fiber Optic Cables in Power Generating Stations and Industrial Facilities on the ICC Download website. Chairman White solicits your review and comments. The WG will review the draft and your comments at the Charlotte meeting.
May 13,1999 - Working Group 3-1 to Meet in Charlotte
Several weeks ago, WG Chairman Tony Ernst had canceled that group's Charlotte meeting. This has now been changed and a meeting will be held. The topic of discussion will be Ampacity Calculation Methods. The date and time of the rescheduled meeting may differ from that originally planned. Check back for for latest details or check the registration desk in Charlotte for the time slot and room location.
May 13,1999 - ICC Mini-Expo Expands
Vice Chairman Mike Walker announced today that HDW Electronics and Cooper Power Systems will have displays at the ICC Mini-Expo in Charlotte. Stop by and learn about their lines of diagnostics equipment and cable accesories.
May 11,1999 - Making a Presentation at The Spring ICC Meeting?
On Sunday the 23rd, the computer and projector which will be used for Technical Presentations during Subcommittee meetings will be set up in the North Carolina Hall at the Hilton. Speakers are strongly encouraged to pre-load their Powerpoint presentations from 2:00 to 5:00 pm in this room. This will greatly improve the flow of our Subcommittee meetings.
May 11,1999 - The Presentations List Grows
As the Charlotte meeting approaches, the list of Subcommittee Technical Presentations continues to grow. Several have been added over the weekend. Check it out to get the latest.
May 11,1999 - Meeting Cancellations
Several WGs will not be meeting in Charlotte. These are marked on the on-line agenda. Be sure to check periodically to get the latest. At this point, those include: WG 11-28, Directional Drilling Applications For Cables, WG 3-1, Ampacity Tables, WG 6-7, Guide for Application of Flame Retardant Blankets & Tapes, WG 12-48, Guide for Fault Location on Shielded Power Cables, WG 12-51, Very Low Frequency Testing in the Field – IEEE 400.2 , WG 9-39, Liaison w/ IAS/PCIC - Guide for Cables for Petrochemical Plants.
May 3,1999 - Three More ICC Mini-Expo Participants Named
Vice Chairman Mike Walker added CYME International to the growing list of participants who will display products or services at the ICC Mini-Expo to be held during the Charlotte meeting. It's not to late for your company to sign up and be a part of the exhibition. See the fact sheet for more details.
May 3, 1999 - ICC to Use Web Page as Forum for Technology Exchange.
Chairman Rick Hartlein announced that the ICC intends to expand the value of the WEB page by posting technical info which can be useful in solving daily problems.  "We will begin by creating bibliographies of cable-related papers written by members", says Hartlein. "Our members have published extensively over the years. The information contained in these documents can be a valuable resource for new and vetran members and members alike". Members who have authored cable-related papers are encouraged to provide a bibliography to our webmaster, Kent Brown,,. Initially, the bibliographies will be sorted by author. If we are successful, and the database grows, we will work to sort the listing by keyword. Got an idea how to make the ICC Web more useful? Contact Kent. 
May 3, 1999 - Presentations, Panel Sessions and Agenda Updates
With the Spring 99 meeting fast approaching, several items have been updated. Cable Construction and Design Subcommittee Co-Chairman, John Tanaka, released details on several presentations and one very interesting panel session. Harry Orton also posted the titles of several talks to be made during the Transnational Luncheon.  ICC Chairman Rick Hartlein has also posted a revision to the Meeting Agenda. Be sure to check these out as you make your final plans.
April 27,1999 - ICC Participation at the T&D Show a Success
The ICC sponsored eleven panel sessions, four paper sessions and manned a booth at the T&D show in New Orleans. Vice Chairman Mike Walker reports that all of these efforts were successful. The booth was staffed throughout the show to introduce attendees to the ICC. A special thanks to Jean Hiivala (wife of Lauri Hiivala, past Chairman of the ICC) who spent a few hours manning (womaning?) the booth. We know that there are many people who attend the T&D show who could contribute to the ICC but are unaware of our activities. So, prior to the show we prepared a brouchure describing the activities of the ICC. These were handed out to all who stopped by. If you didn't get one in New Orleans, we will be distributing them at the ICC Spring Meeting. Share them with your boss, your co-workers or your understudy; all who could benefit by joining and contributing to the ICC.
April 27,1999 - Three More ICC Mini-Expo Participants Named
Vice Chairman Mike Walker announced today that three more vendors have signed up to display products or services at the ICC Mini-Expo to be held during the Charlotte meeting. It's not to late for your company to sign up and be a part of the exhibition. See the fact sheet for more details.
April 26,1999 - New Draft Added to ICC Download Site
Working Group 14-2 Chairman John White posted draft 5 of the proposed Guide for Installation of Fiber Optic Cables in Power Generating Stations and Other Industrial Facilities on the ICC Download Site. The Working Group would appreciate your feedback. Check it out and send your comments to Chairman White at
April 23,1999 - Revised Agenda Posted for the Spring 99 Meeting
Chairman Rick Hartlein has posted a revised agenda for the Spring 99 meetings. This is the place to find out the latest on additions, cancellations and changes.
April 23,1999 - Cable Systems Presentations Announced
Cable Systems Co-Chair John Cooper announced three more presentations for that Subcommittee's meetings at Spring 99. Now that the T&D Conference is behind us, expect the list to grow rapidly.
April 16,1999 - ICC at the T&D Show
Early reports indicate that the ICC's activities (booth, paper sessions and panel sessions) at the T&D Show and Conference were a success. Congratulations go to the many individuals who were involved in organizing the sessions and manning the booth. A special note of congratulations goes to the ICC's own Ken Bow, who served as the T&D Executive Committee Chairman. As reported in news items on January 25th and 29th, Ken is also just starting his tenure as a general Officer of the ICC.
April 9,1999 - Problems with the Hilton's 800 Reservation System
Chairman Rick Hartlein reports that several ICC members have called the Hilton's national reservation service using the 800 number given in his Invitation letter and have been told that there are no more rooms available during our meeting. This seems to be a problem with the staff at the 800 center. We've reported this, but just to be sure, if you haven't yet made your reservations, call the hotel in Charlotte on their direct line at (704) 377-1500. Don't delay, the cut-off is the 23rd and the city is filling fast because of NASCAR activities.
April 7,1999 - First ICC Mini-Expo Participants Named
Vice Chairman Mike Walker announced today that four vendors have signed up so far to display products or services at the ICC Mini-Expo to be held during the Charlotte meeting. It's not to late for your company to sign up and be a part of the exhibition. See the fact sheet for more details.
April 6,1999 - Presentations Continue to be Added for Spring 1999
Subcommittee Chairmen continue to add to the list of Technical Presentations for the Spring meeting. With less than two months to go, the list will be growing quickly. Be sure to check back frequently.
April 2,1999 - Don't Miss the ICC Booth at the T&D Show
Going to the T&D Conference in New Orleans? Be sure to stop by the ICC booth. Past ICC Chairman Matt Mashikian has assembled a small team to staff the booth for the five day show. They'll be introducing attendees to the ICC and promoting our Spring meeting. Stop by and introduce yourself if you are new to the ICC. If you're an ICC veteran, stay a while and spread the word.
March 26,1999 - Draft 3 of IEEE 404 Added to ICC Download Site
Working Group 10-27 Chairman Glenn Luzzi has posted a copy of draft 3 of IEEE 404, IEEE Standard for Cable Joints for Use With Extruded Dielectric Cable Rated 5000-138 000 V and Cable Joints for Use With Laminated Dielectric Cable Rated 2500-500 000 V on the ICC Download Site. He's looking for comments from WG members and those with an interest in the document. Remember, you'll need the Username and Password given out at the last meeting to access the site. If you can't remember it, contact WG Chairman Luzzi at
March 18,1999 - Biographical Sketch Posted for Keynote Speaker
Chairman Hartlein has posted a short biographical sketch of E. O. Ferrell, III, Senior Vice President, Duke Power for Distribution Wires. Mr. Ferrell will be the Keynote Speaker at the Spring '99 meeting in Charlotte. We look forward to hearing from Mr. Ferrell.
March 18,1999 - Mississippi State University Acknowledges Bahder Award Scholarship
Chairman Hartlein has posted a letter which he received from Dr. Stan Grzybowski, the Director of the High Voltage Laboratory at MSU. MSU was designated by the Bahder family (recipients of the 1997 award) as host institution for scholarship funds from that first award. Dr. Grzybowski reports that the announcement of the scholarship was well received by students and faculty.
March 17,1999 - There's Still Time to Complete the Survey
Chairman Hartlein would like to get some more feedback about the possible locations for the Fall 2001 meeting. He'll have to commit in a few days. There is still time to register your opinion. So take a minute, complete the Survey.
March 15,1999 - New presentation Announced by Cable Systems Subcommittee Co-Chair
John Cooper, Co-Chair of the Cable Systems Subcommittee released the details of another Technical Presentation for Spring 99, this one on Feeder Cable Explosion Investigations. The list continues to grow. If you haven't contacted a Co-Chair about securing a slot on the program, do so soon. See the Presentations Page for details. John also announced that there will be no Working Group meetings in Charlotte for WG 12-48, Guide for Fault Locating On Shielded Power Cable Systems and WG12-51 Guide for Field Testing of Shielded Power Cables With Very Low Frequency.
March 15,1999 - More Details of ICC Sponsored Panel and Paper Sessions at IEEE T&D Conference Released
As most of us prepare for the Spring '99 ICC Meeting, many of our members are putting the final touches on their presentations at the 1999 IEEE T&D Conference. The ICC will be sponsoring/co-sponsoring 12 Panel Sessions and 4 Paper Sessions at that Conference. You'll want to be sure and check out the various topics. You'll not want to miss one.
March 11,1999 - Feedback Needed for Fall 2001 Venue
Though the Spring '99 meeting is just around the corner, Chairman Hartlein is busy finalizing arrangements for Fall 2001. He's trying to hold the line on room rates and needs your feedback ASAP. It will only take a minute to complete the Survey.
March 1,1999 - First Technical Presentations Announced for Spring '99
The first Technical Presentations for Spring '99 were posted today. There will be many more to come as the meeting approaches, so check back frequently. If you'd like to report on the results of your work, see the Call for Presentations.
February 18,1999 - Chairman Hartlein Releases Spring '99 Meeting Details
ICC Chairman Rick Hartlein released an invitation to the Spring 1999 meeting in Charlotte. The letter and it's attachments contain a wealth of information regarding the agenda of the technical meetings, spouses tours, discount travel, registration and the Table Top Expo.
February 3,1999 - IEEE Power Engineering Society Approves ICC Request to Reorganize
On February 2, 1999, the PES Technical Council formally approved ICC's request to condense the number of technical Subcommittees from 13 to 4. ICC Chairman Rick Hartlein presented the request to the Technical Council, indicating the group tried the new organization at the Fall 1998 meeting and the response from ICC members was overwhelmingly positive. Meeting attendees can now see most presentations with very few conflicts. It also allows Working Groups more time to develop standards and guides. For more details on the reorganization, see Chairman Hartlein's fall 1998 letter regarding the new structure.
February 1,1999 - Application Forms for Spring 99 Mini-Expo Released
Vice Chairman Mike Walker has posted application forms for vendors who'd like to participate in the Spring 99 ICC Mini-Expo. The Expo is a unique opportunity for cable related vendors to display their products and services to the decision makers in the cable industry. Space is limited, so make your reservation now.
January 31,1999 - Bahder Family Selects Mississippi State University
At the Fall 1997 ICC meeting, the family of the late Dr. George Bahder accepted the inaugural award bearing his name. Along with that award, the Bahder family was asked to select a university where a scholarship in power engineering could be funded in Dr. Bahder's honor. They have selected Mississippi State University. For more details, see Chairman Hartlein's letter which conveyed the scholarship funds to MSU.
January 29,1999 - Biographical Sketch of Ken Bow
Earlier this week, Chairman Hartlein announced that Ken Bow had accepted the nomination to serve as an officer of the ICC. As promised, we have posted a short biographical sketch of Ken to introduce him to new ICC members.
January 29,1999 - Call for Presentations for the Charlotte Meeting
Chairman Rick Hartlein issued a Call for Presentations for the Spring 99 meeting in Charlotte. Though the deadline is May 7th, you'll want to make sure that you submit your abstract early and ensure that you get on the program.
January 29,1999 - Computer-Based Presentations in Charlotte
Chairman Rick Hartlein announced today that ICC will once again provide a computer, Zip Drive, PowerPoint 97 and projection equipment to facilitate Presentations at the Spring 99 meeting in Charlotte. This year the equipment will be available to speakers on Sunday from 2-5 to preload their presentations and enable a final preview of their slides. If you plan to make a computer based presentation, be sure and see the Presentation page.
January 25,1999 - 1999 Vice Chair Elect Announced
Chairman Rick Hartlein announced today that Ken Bow of the Dow Chemical Company has accepted the nomination to serve as an officer of the ICC. He will serve as Vice Chair Elect in 1999, Vice Chair/Treasurer in 2000/2001 and Chair in 2002/2003. Ken presently serves as Co-Chair of the Station, Control and Utilization Cables Subcommittee, was the immediate past Chair of the old Subcommittee 6 on Sheaths and Coverings and is the Executive Chairman of the 1999 IEEE T&D Conference. Our congratulations to Ken. We'll add a biographical sketch soon to introduce you to Ken.
January 14,1999 - Activities in Charlotte
Chris Fletcher of Duke-Energy (our host for the Spring 99 meeting) has put together a list of things to do and see in the Charlotte area. You'll definitely want to check out his recommendations. Because of the NASCAR activities going on, Chris recommended that you, "make your hotel reservations VERY early (as in right now)".
January 12,1999 - IEEE 400-3 Input Due
WG 12-51 Chairman Matthew Mashikian and Vice Chairman Willem Boone will soon be compiling feedback received on draft sections of IEEE 400-3. You need to get your input in quickly, so that this first draft is as comprehensive as possible. Dr Mashikian has posted the outline of the document as presented at the St Pete meeting to help you get started.
January 11, 1999 - IEEE Senior Member Status
The beginning of the new year is a good time to review your IEEE Membership status. We all start out as Members and we've known those who have been elevated to Fellow, but there is another category: Senior Member. Its the highest grade for which application may be made and reflects a certain degree of professional maturity and contribution to the discipline. Application is easier than ever. Just visit the IEEE Membership page at There you'll find online application forms, online referrence forms and printable application and reference forms. Take a few minutes and get upgraded.
January 4, 1999 - Happy New Year from the ICC
Hope your holidays were pleasant (and warm). Hopefully, you didn't forget the ICC when you made your New Year's resolutions. Its not too late to consider things like: 1) Making your reservations early for the Charlotte meeting, 2) Getting your minutes from the St Pete meeting turned in on time, 3) Making sure your Working Group webpage is up to date and 4) Getting an IEEE alias.

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